Blink: An excellent book about human judgement

Blink by Malcolm GladwellBlink by Malcolm Gladwell is one of the best books that I have read in recent months. Malcolm Gladwell does a great job of explaining how our mind is able to break down situations in the blink of an eye. He sites several examples of times where rapid cognition was used effectively and also brings light to real life tragedies that could have been avoided had the individuals involved slowed down and accessed  situations a little more clearly. One of the points that I also found really interesting is how an overload of information can keep us from making the best possible decisions.   It... Read more »

Mind, Body, And Soul:The Trifecta Of Success

Personal Development: Mind, Body, and Soul Trifecta puzzleYour mind, body, and soul are pillars of who you are. When climbing the ladder of success it is vital not to overlook any of these areas. If you educate yourself and achieve great financial success, but forgo your health, how much will you truly be able to enjoy that success? You should stay balanced as much as possible. In achieving a healthy and productive life it comes down to daily habits. In terms of your physical health what are you doing on a daily basis? Do you exercise? Do you eat fast food everyday? In strengthening your mind, do you... Read more »

Personal Development: You Gotta have faith

Faith. It is a vey powerful word no matter your beliefs. How many of us truly possess this trait all the time ? Most of us probably aquire it sporadicly over the course of our lives. Whether it be faith in our religion, ourselves, others, or any number of things. I believe faith to be the basis of so many things in life. If you do not have faith in yourself? How can you ever succeed ? If you do not have faith in others how can you build meaningful relationships? If you do not have faith in what you can not see, how could you ever... Read more »

Arcimedia Designed Community Makes Front Page!

My Custom Car Space LogoMy Custom Car Space is on the front page of Yahoo search results for keywords "custom cars" and "custom car". The listings are 6th and 4th respectively. For "custom car" the site ranks only behind Yahoo itself, Wikipedia, and CarDomain (which has over 600,00 members and counting). Those sites are definitely heavy hitters. They are very pleased with those results to say the least. As I stated in a previous blog (SEO vs Google) your site can rank high in one search engine and not be even close in another. My Custom Car Space is in this situation as their... Read more »

SEO vs Google: Hiring the right SEO expert

Magnifying glass hovering over google , yahoo, and other search engine pagesEverybody loves Google. Except a lot of people in the SEO Industry. Just when you think one tactic works, Google up and changes their algorithim. Google has very good intentions, they want the most relevant results to show up for the average user searching based on particular keywords. But like it or not we live in a capitalist society, and he who works the hardest or pays for a  service to get there site higher in the rankings should be rewarded with just what he worked for or paid for. Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating using... Read more »

Predictably Irrational

Predictably Irrational Book

Recently I finished a book by Dan Arielly entitled Predictably Irrational I really liked this book and how it gets you to look at the "big picture" of the human psychosis. The author and his collegues go through many experiments that show how naturally irrational our behavior as humans can be. This irrationality seems to encompass all areas of our lives from relationships to finances. My reason for suggesting  this book is sort of similar to how people deal with addictions. You first much admit you have a problem or in this case just become... Read more »