Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Your Business – The Straight Facts

This is a series that will be at least 3 parts covering Internet Marketing, SEO and Your business. To kick off the series we are blocks showing google, yahoo, and other search enginesgoing to look at the straight facts of the Internet and help to show you the potential that is waiting for your business. We are going to be looking at Internet Usage, Search Engine Usage, Internet Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

▪ According to Nielsen, there are 1,200,000,000 billion people with access to the Internet conducting 66 billion searches a month. Moreover, 76% of all searches happen outside of North America.

72% of the United States population is “online”,... Read more »

Warning: Is Your HTML Illiteracy Costing Your Business?

Guy mad at computerHave you ever been frustrated with not being able to contact your web designer to fix an error on your website? Have you needed to update a website or add HTML on a blog or in a newsletter in the non-working hours of your web design firm? Have you been discarded by a web design firm after they "completed" your website and left not knowing how to make adjustments to your site? At Arcimedia we see all of our clients as long term customers. Although we do have "working hours", we want to give you to be able to tap into our... Read more »

Are You Using a Blog to Explode Your Business Like Everybody Else?

Business week cover on how blogging can help your business{This is the updated version of the The Benifits Of Incorporating A Blog On Your Website post. If you reach this one first go back and compare to see the difference that a little formatting and better copy can do. At the conclusion of this post I explain the things I did in order to improve the post and capture readers attention.}

In my professional opinion, if you aren’t harnessing the power of a blog in... Read more »

The Benifits Of Incorporating A Blog On Your Website.

Business Week Cover - BlogsIn order to show you you the power of good formatting I am posting two versions of this blog post the first one which you are now viewing is with little or no formatting. To see the difference go to the updated post and compare. Read the bottom of the updated post on tips to make your blog posts stand out and capture readers. In my professional opinion if it is reasonable to put a blog on a website it should have one and it is reasonable in most cases. Let me explain all the benefits. #1.The Internet is about information. A blog is about giving a consistent... Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Patrick Riddle

Let me preface this post with the fact that  Patrick is a good friend of mine. I like to surround myself with champions. Now that you know that I have a real good insight into this person, let me tell you what makes this person remarkable. Patrick is a champion. He is forever in a state of growth and is never satisfied with his current state of being. This is in all areas of his life whether it be his education, finances or his character. His focus as a entrepreneur is on real estate investment. I am sure you are aware of the current state of the real estate market. A lot of other investors would have and many have... Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight:Bill Phillips Is A Champion Building Other Champions

Here is a short bio of Bill Phillips ( a condensed version of the Wikipedia article): Although the post is features a condensed version of the Wikipedia article, I have chosen not to edit out any items that might cast a bad light on Bill Phillips and will discuss why later in this post.

Born in September 1964, Bill started bodybuilding in 1982, then moved to Gold's Gym Venice beach (known as the Mecca of bodybuilding) in 1983, remaining until 1986, a period during which Phillips admits to steroid use. After not succeeding as a bodybuilder, the 21... Read more »

Go beyond Google ads: Plug into the webs social networks

Facebbok, LinkedIn, Myspace, and Twitter logos with a plugIs your businesses web presence as big as you want it to be? Where other than your domain can people find out about you or contact you? Only having a website is not enough in today's social centric Internet. You have many options when it comes to expanding your business's exposure on the web from directories to social networks. Consider the largest of the social networks My Space and Face Book your business should at least tap into these resources and their millions of users. Their has been many success stories based on exposure on these networks. Linked... Read more »