Blog Action Day 2008: Giving, It not only builds what you are giving to but builds you even more.

For Blog Action Day, I have decided to re-post an article I had written a few months ago and add some more content to it. It is not because I do not have something original that I could write. This post really emphasizes the power of giving back and I believe when attacking the problem of poverty it is important to know the power that giving has. Almost every truly successful person ( life success not just financial success) will tell you giving has supernatural abilities. Many entrepreneurs have experienced amazing success after they started to give back. When John Templeton was making $50.00 a week, he gave back half of it. He is now a billionaire. Could you... Read more »

Top 10 Tips To Take Your Business’s Blog From Web Zero To Web Hero

A superhero with a dollar sign as his emblemPart One: Tips 1-3 If you are deciding on whether a blog is something you should incorporate into your business please read my other blog article "Are You Using a Blog to Explode Your Business Like Everybody Else?" and/or this article in Business Week:"Social Media Will Change Your Business" If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and get an edge on your competition, this is the series of posts for you. I had to break it up into a series because of the amount of valuable information that I am giving you. I will not only... Read more »