Is Too Much Information Blocking Your Road To Success?

Are You one of those people that attempts to get as much information as possible on a potential opportunity? I do not advocate going into anything blindly. However, there is such thing as information overkill. Let me pose a scenario for you. Say that one of your goals was to improve your fitness and you wanted to find the best diet plan and gym to use before starting to get fit. How much information do you actually need ? You could spend months researching before you ever begin. That is months you are taking away from your health. The worst case scenario in making a quick somewhat educated chose in this matter is that you don't like the gym or diet.... Read more »

Why the New Year’s resolution is a stupid tradition that you should avoid at all cost.

New Year's resolutions are not for smart entrepreneurs. If you made a New Year's resolution this year, erase the resolution label and make it just another goal on your long list. Waiting to set a goal until New Year's Eve or Day is only proving your a procrastinator. Whether it is a personal goal or a business goal smart entrepreneurs set and work on those goals on a daily basis. Most people that make New Year's resolutions are not goal setters normally and do not have the goal setting habits and disciplines that are gained over consistent practice and execution. So is it any wonder why most New Year's resolutions fail? The only New Year's resolution you should make is... Read more »

Internet Marketing, SEO and Your Business- The Straight Facts Pt 2

Laptop on ground next to newspaperInternet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization cover a broad range of online promotion tactics.  Some of these methods include organic search engine optimization, paid (Google Adwords) advertising, paid banner placement on various websites, email marketing, social media marketing, website analytics, website flow and website structure to name a few.  Hiring an SEO specialist who is keen and up to date on all the latest Internet Marketing information and ORGANIC placement algorithms can prove to be an invaluable investment. Hiring a professional who can achieve organic (non paid) search engine placement will continuously bring your website traffic without costing you money for every link click.  Paid search engine... Read more »