Throw out your office and get on the cloud!

Stop! Put down your desk chair and step away from the dumpster. I am not starting a cult and making you think you can walk on clouds. I am not talking about your office fixtures. I am not trying to sell you more cushy office furniture. That would be a great headline if I was though. I am talking about software, in particularly Microsoft Office or any office software that has to be installed on your computer. There is an alternative and its only $184.00 dollars. Wait if you act now I will give it to you for Free. This offer is only valid until forever so Act Now!!! No but seriously, the... Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Richard Branson.

I am fairly sure that everyone reading this post has at least a inkling of who Richard Branson is. For the few that do not know about one of the greatest businessmen of our era. To learn more about him and his businesses go to this Wikipedia article.

Richard Branson left school when he was 16 years old and started his first successful business Student Magazine. He had started two other ventures a year earlier that failed. To say that he is a poor student would actually be an incorrect statement. Although he performed poorly early on in traditional education settings, he had to be quite educated to start a successful business at such a young age. With every... Read more »

Are you leaving money on the table by not using pay-per click marketing?

There is a technology gap between business owners that see value in using technology as a tool to grow their businesses and those who do not. Those who leverage technology - be it mobile, wireless, hosted applications or online marketing will continue to boost their sales and enhance customer loyalty more than their competition.

A recent survey showed that 60% of businesses with web sites are not taking advantage of cost per click marketing. Cost per click marketing is very easy to implement and has a very low risk. If no one clicks on your advertisements you don't pay for it. Compare the ROI of pay per click against other forms... Read more »