Marketing In 3D

Kid wearing 3D glassesHave you seen a 3D movie this year? Unless you are like me and only see about 2-3 movies a year, I bet you have, especially if you have kids.  Monsters vs Aliens has grossed over $375 million worldwide and Up had an opening weekend of over $62 million. What has helped these movies rise to the top of the summertime box office? The answer is having them available in 3D. Though I am sure they would have done well despite the fact that 3D was an option. The movie studios are on top of their marketing game. The advances... Read more »

How to use social media to market your business

twitter bird with a tieIf  your business is not using social media you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your exposure and sales. In examining the question of why a business has not yet taking the plunge and started establishing itself on social media, we have heard the following "excuses"

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of understanding
  • It will not work for my industry
  • Social Media is just a fad
  • Do not think it is an effective marketing medium
In response: If you or your staff does not have time, there are marketing companies that already have a great... Read more »