A Lost Art: Common Courtesy

rainbowWhen was the last time someone thanked you?  I mean REALLY thanked you with true appreciation for what you had done. I wouldn't doubt that it has been quite some time. In this Internet revolution some of the personalness of business has been lost. When you've gone above and beyond your client's expectations and they look you in the eye and with amazement thank you for all your extra work, it makes the extra work worth it. Some of that connectivity has been lost in using the Internet  for business. It is really great when a client realizes you're the best at what you do and... Read more »

What’s so big about twitter?

cell phone with a twitter stickerLast night we, at Arcimedia, went to our second event hosted by the Social Media Club of Charleston.  While last month's gathering came down to a few getting-to-know-you beers during happy hour, yesterday's meeting format was more akin to an open-discussion, social networking symposium; with one word dominating most of the dialogue:  Twitter. It seems that there are still many people, those who are social networking engineers included, who still do not understand the big deal about Twitter.  Who cares?  Why do people enjoy it so much?  Where is the power? To answer this, let us go back to around 2002/2003 when Nextel came out with... Read more »

Want to build your brand, inject your business with some good ol’ personality

hotforwords Let's face it folks, We all want to be entertained. You cannot sell anything by boring people with your "fancy" industry lingo. Do you remember your favorite classes in school? I bet they had teachers that were engaging. You loved going to class because not only did you learn from that teacher but it was at least a little fun. The same principal applies to marketing your business. You want to make it very hard for your clients and prospects to forget you. I am not saying you need to be an "entertainer" but you do have to be engaging. If they are talking about... Read more »

NEWS FLASH: The Mundane To-Do List Gets a Glamorous Make Over

coffee cup with sticky noteWe all have them. Whether its a written list, an online list, or just a tick sheet in your head. We all have to-do lists. If you don't have a to-do list and are wondering aimlessly through your day-GET ORGANIZED...and get a to-do list. I'm not referring to a random list of things to do and haphazardly checking them off. I mean being really motivated to improve yourself and accomplish goals. It doesn't matter if the goals of the day are as simple as getting the shopping done or cleaning off your desk. By accomplishing seemingly menial tasks, you can train yourself to... Read more »