Internet Marketing, SEO & Your Business Part 3

Search Engine Optimization SpecialistSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined as the practice of improving a website's structure, link profile, content and marketing with the goal of attracting more and better quality traffic from search engines. To me, Search Engine Optimization encompasses a large piece of what is known as Internet Marketing & Promotions. Simply put, Internet Marketing brings more people to a website which places them directly in front of a great marketing message...Your Website.  It’s no secret that more and more companies like Proctor & Gamble and other Fortune 500 companies are shifting their advertising and marketing dollars away from traditional marketing outlets over to online... Read more »

Show me the Value – Hunting for ROI in the Social Media Maze

social-media-maze with youtube, flickr, linkedin, facebook, and twitter logosValue is a relative term - right? What means something to me might not mean the same for you. But, we all understand that when we spend time or money to achieve a goal or solve a problem, we want to see some progress to that end. In order to realize value from time spent engaging in social media, you have to be clear on why you are "engaging" in the first place. You need to know what you want from social media - are you looking for customers, clients, franchise prospects, channel partners or collaborators, newsletter... Read more »

Be Optimystic

Me (Kid Concept, Justin Brewer)sitting next to tree of creativity.The Concept Chronicles continue... Justin Brewer, super intern here, with another installment of my blog. I have been travelling the speed of light trying to get everything done that I need to accomplish, however, things are starting to settle down  and a little more sand seems to be occupying my hourglass while a higher percentage of my blood becomes pure coffee. This blog post will be a short one, but, but later on in the week I will blog againand update everyone as to just why I have been so busy.  Also, this week is the beginning of myregular blogging routine.  From now on,... Read more »

Twitter vs Spam: A few bad apples spoil the lot.

An image of a bad appleI am going to start this post off with how I feel personally about the enforcement of the no recurring tweet rule from twitter. Last night I went to my Socialoomph account to write up a scheduled tweet. I was alarmed to see a lot of tweets surrounded in a light red box with this message : This tweet was not published. This recurring tweet has been deactivated. Please see our blog post at for more information. My first reaction was WTF? Then I proceeded to Socialoomph's blog and read all the comments left on the... Read more »

Getting Out From Under “The Man”

guy asleep at his laptopEntrepreneurship has been on my mind. At what point did you decide that working 18 hours a day to make your dreams come true was for you? Maybe you always knew... Maybe you worked 18 hours a day for "the man" and decided that was for the birds. I mean if you're going to work your fingers to the bone thanklessly, shouldn't you be working for you? Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs out there, maybe aside from being a stay-at-home mom (where you also work 18 hours a day!), and it is not for the faint of heart. If... Read more »

Introduction: The Concept Chronicles

Justin Brewer - Web Design & Graphic Design InternThis is the beginning... Hello everyone!  My name is Justin Brewer and I have been chosen as the new intern at Arcimedia and Super Hero Marketing. There are a lot of exciting things happening and I have been extremely busy with life; living and loving it! I am also a student at the College of Charleston, double majoring in Mass Communication (with a concentration in Mass Media) and Studio Art (with a concentration in Painting).  I'm constantly painting and submitting them to shows so I will be updating... Read more »

What Brett Favre and the Packers can teach us about marketing.

Brett Favre sports illustrated cover - Minnesota VikingsGood stories sell products and services! Tonight there is  Mega Monday Night NFL football game on, perhaps you heard that Brett Favre is squaring off against his old team. For any of you who have followed this story, you know that there is a lot of animosity between Favre and the Packers front office. Quick rundown for anyone that has been living under a rock or does not care about the NFL

  • Favre says he is retiring (again) then changes his mind (again).
  • Green Bay does not want him back (after he has been there for over after 16 years with the team)
  • Favre... Read more »