10 things that will turn your website into a sales machine

iStock_000007374747XSmallBeing a media and marketing company I encounter bad websites on a daily basis. Granted there are different levels of bad, and in general your website will never be perfect as technology continues to evolve. Right now someone can point their Iphone at your business and get all the reviews that are posted on yelp and other review sites. Businesses need to think seriously about hiring a web firm that is not just concerned with building a website for your company. In this day and age just having a website is... Read more »

Why Most Small Businesses Fail at Twitter

Small business failure on TwitterWhat’s that saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” Well, just like any marketing strategy, social media needs planning. You cannot just jump on Twitter or Facebook and expect to make sales or generate a lead database without some planning. The fact is, most small businesses fail at Facebook and Twitter because they fail to plan strategies that convert followers and fans to leads and customers. However, when implemented properly, a customized Facebook fan page and a Twitter account can directly increase your ability to collect and message leads and boost sales. Take Papa John’s Facebook Page: it is responsible... Read more »


Shell with Orb So here I am finally posting my blog! Geeze, it only took me nearly a month to get it down on 'paper' (virtually). I guess the most mind blogging issue is what to say? Believe you me, not everything that comes out of my mouth needs to be blogged, but I'd like to believe there are some things on this journey we call "life" that I've learned and would enjoy sharing with others.  I liked to call these rambling of thoughts "pearls".  I can't take credit for this, since I first heard the term during my ... Read more »

Color and Movement

Carrying on the Concept... Justin Brewer Intern at Arcimedia hanging a picture his painting in an art gallery. Just as I promised, here is another post to update on just what I have been up to and all the things in my life that keep me moving and busy.As I have said before, I am a Mass Comm/Studio Art double major at the College of Charleston, and also a highly active member of the Visual Arts Club.  In addition to volunteering my expertise to Arcimedia and SuperHero Marketing, I also work at a local restaurant called Moe's Southwest Grill on the corner of King and Calhoun in downtown Charleston. Finally, if that wasn't... Read more »