Why keeping a journal is important to your success.

Man sitting on mountain writing in a journalI have decided to add a new twist to Super Hero Marketing. I am adding a personal journal category.  Below I list the reasons why I am doing this so that you may see the value in keeping a journal as well.  They are not in any order of importance.

  • A journal  helps you keep track of your life. Let's face it we are not Elephants, we do forget or push some memories to the back of our minds. There may come a time when you want to tell a story from your life -... Read more »

Why Video Makes More Money Than Anything Else Period!

Are you scared of video for any or all of the following reasons?

  • It's expensive
  • It takes to much time
  • Your not comfortable being on camera
  • You are not technically savvy
Well guess what- you can now throw all of those reasons out the window.  Andy Jenkins shows you how any regular joe can become - A Video Boss. For Free Tutorials on How to become a Video Boss Click Here

A rockin' video review of Andy Jenkin's The Video Boss