Top 3 Internet Marketing Myths Debunked

Pegasus - Mythical Flying HorseIn the web design and internet marketing business, we consistently answer the same customer questions about hiring our firm. Some are the result of "myths," some are the mother of invention. Either way, there are a lot of small business owners in need of web development, internet marketing or sometimes, just revisions to what they already have. Sometimes, they come to us right from the get-go. Sometimes, they try to do it themselves. And sometimes, they are just seeking information to make an informed decision. But the common questions we encounter are: "There are lots of templates on the internet, can't I just pick one I like... Read more »

Sometimes We Have to Say NO

We have all heard it. "No, sorry can't help you." "No, you may not..." "No, you're not getting the promotion." No. It's one of the first words we learn as children, often the first form of rebellion, the first feeling of disappointment or even sadness. But what if no were a positive thing? What if we said no to being lazy-how productive we could be! What if we said no to unhealthy eating-how strong we could be! What if we said no to poor business practices-How Successful We Could Be! Just say NO to.... 1. Poor hiring. Just say no to hiring the wrong person. I know it can be... Read more »