Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ron Mead

Ron MeadRon bought his first investment property in 1979 while still in the restaurant business. Then in 1995 and 1996, his Father and Mother passed away and he was faced with the task of selling their home. When the process took over seven months, he noted that if someone would have offered him a discounted price during that period, he would have accepted their offer just to get rid of the project.

After the sale was completed, he returned to his home in Portland and set out to see if he could find a way to locate... Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jeffrey Summers


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Jeffrey Summers is a 29 year veteran of creating, operating, Coaching and consulting with successful food service concepts that include national and international chains, franchises and independentoperators. He is an award winning business Coach, consultant, speaker, writer and blogger who offers real world Coaching and consulting help on every... Read more »