How to Set up an HD Video Studio for Less Than $400

Video Equipment for Small Business Web Videos

Video equipment to shoot web videos for small businessSo by giving you content ideas, how to shoot web videos, and how to search engine optimize and distribute your videos we have taken most of the roadblocks out of the way. The one thing we have not covered is the perceived high cost of shooting video. You may be surprised that video equipment has gotten much more affordable than it has been in the past. Below is a list of everything you will need... Read more »

Search Engine Optimizing Videos For Local Search


Local SEO for videoShowing up in Local Search Rankings is pivotal for small businesses. One way to improve your rankings is using video. Google likes to give different media options in search results when possible. You can find some content ideas for your videos here and a how to shoot video for the web tutorial here. Now let's  cover how to get those nicely shot videos ranked locally in Google.  To make it easier to follow I will once again us the wine store example from the earlier post. First... Read more »

How To Shoot a SUPER Video For Your Website


video-marketing-for-small-business-websiteDid you know that  a local business has a better chance of ranking for relevant search terms using YouTube hosted, highly optimized videos than any other approach? - Blog post coming soon on Local SEO for videos. Video production for the web has gotten very affordable. I will create another blog post about picking the best equipment at the best value in another blog post and add the link here once I do. Below are the steps to create a great video for your website. Let's use the fictional company - Acme Wine Shop. The first step is to come up with the concept for the video -  Read more »

Great Videos Ideas for Your Company Website


Many business owners would love to add video to their website but are often unsure of what will work best for their business. Below are some ideas for video content that will help your website engage your audience and sell your product or service. Storytelling - You can tell the story of your brand's history or a customer experience.  This gets your audience more in touch with your brand. If the story is good your customers may share it with their friends. Below is an example of the story of how Coloft - a coworking space in Santa Monica California got started. Testimonials -... Read more »