A good workout is the best way to start your day

Does it take you an extended period of time to “get up” in the morning? Wait a minute, I know what your thinking this is not an advertisement for Viagra. The first thing you should do even before grabbing that first cup of java, is workout. Yes this does mean you will have to wake up another 30 minutes earlier, however it is much more beneficial to you than that extra 30 minutes of sleep anyway.

Other than the having to get up earlier I already know a lot of you have other excuses. I am ready to debunk those right now. You may say “I have to go to the gym and I only have time to go after work”. Three solutions for you

  • Again, Wake up earlier so that you can go to the gym in the morning
  • Purchase a home gym. If you use it it is well worth the investment and you can immediately get some of that back when you stop paying your gym membership
  • If the weather is nice go for a jog or a bike ride
  • If the weather is not nice do non weight resistant exercises like sit ups and push ups.

Here is another one “I have to many distractions in the morning” ( ie.. family members, pets, need to hear/watch/ or read the news)

  • In the case of family members being distractions, get up earlier than they do, or if that is not possible let them know that you need to be uninterrupted during your 20 minute workout.
  • With pets, the only pet that could be a distraction is a dog (with their unrelenting need for attention). Dogs are actually the perfect excuse to workout, take the dog for a jog with you. If the weather is still your excuse put them in the garage or another room for 20 minutes while you workout. If you are one of the rare individuals that have a monkey or tiger as a pet, I am at a loss and you would know better than I how to handle them.
  • Trust me the news is hardly ever positive and one of the worst ways to start your day. Turning on the television in general is a bad idea most of the time, not just in the morning. I recommend turning on your radio, starting up I-tunes, or listening to your I-pod while you workout. Their is one catch make sure what you are listening to is either inspiring, educational, or music that gets you energized. The combination of the mental boost with the physical boost of the workout is amazing.
  • Losers make excuses, winners make it happen -Bubba Sparxxx ( Yes, Bubba Sparxx. I am at least 8o% sure he wasn’t the first to say this. That is just what came to mind plus the song it is in is catchy)

    Now that I have eliminated your excuses, let me tell you the benefits of a morning workout.

  • Recent research shows that you will have a better workout when you are “mentally fresh”. You have not have had a chance to be mentally fatigued first thing in the morning.
  • Working out builds your confidence. Would you rather have extra confidence right from the start of your day or somewhere in the middle or end of your day?
  • Research has also shown that you are more likely to develop a habit of working out if you do it first thing in the morning “free from all those distractions you will encounter during the rest of your day”
  • You have freed up that time later in the day to be more productive or social. For example, if you used to work out on your “lunch break”, now you can actually have lunch and spend time with co-workers ,friends, or clients.
  • Working out jump starts your metabolism. Your metabolism stays elevated for hours. By working out in the morning your increased metabolism will be working (and burning more calories) while you are, instead of when your body is at rest. This is even more important if you sit at a desk all day.
  • Energy!!! A morning workout will release endorphins and other hormones to give you a much-appreciated boost that often lasts all day.
  • Working out puts you in a better mental state and reduces stress. Training before your day officially begins allows you to start each day with a fresh perspective. This will help you reduce the chances of become stressed or upset during the course of your new day.
  • Training in the morning will help you regulate your appetite for the day. You will gradually discover that your meal times become like clockwork and you won’t get as many cravings and serious dips in energy levels, which will deter binge eating and overzealous snacking.
  • Working out regularly results in better sleeping patterns and better sleep quality. Your body will tell you that it’s time for bed, but knowing that you need to workout in the morning will help get you in bed sooner. It is very important to give your body the time and rest that it needs to recuperate from your training.
  • A morning workout will improve your diet . You’ll need the proper nutrients, which will cause you to crave better foods, and you won’t want to waste the hard work that you put in by eating unhealthy foods.

With all those benefits how can you not move your workout to first thing in the morning.

Carpe Diem!!!

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  1. Charity AD says:

    Not turning on the TV and moving away from our national, corporate need for (bad) news first thing in the day is the first step in a healthier, more self aware and confident America!

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