Arcimedia Designed Community Makes Front Page!

My Custom Car Space LogoMy Custom Car Space is on the front page of Yahoo search results for keywords “custom cars” and “custom car”. The listings are 6th and 4th respectively. For “custom car” the site ranks only behind Yahoo itself, Wikipedia, and CarDomain (which has over 600,00 members and counting). Those sites are definitely heavy hitters. They are very pleased with those results to say the least. As I stated in a previous blog (SEO vs Google) your site can rank high in one search engine and not be even close in another. My Custom Car Space is in this situation as their Google Rank is not even in the top 100. Arcimedia is currently working on rectifying that for  My Custom Car Space. We hope to receive similar results as we did for Yahoo. Although Google is and probably will continue to be for some time, the big daddy of search Yahoo is nothing to sneeze at. Their are a lot of companies out there that would love to be on the front page of Yahoo for their primary keywords.

If you have not been to My Custom Car Space, you should check it out especially if you love cars. If you have a hot ride put it up in a profile. Also if you live in the Charleston, Sc  area you should check them out at the charity car show they are co-sponsoring on Sept 6th at the North Charleston Coliseum.

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