Cliche or Good Idea?

Going the Extra Mile

Have you ever had to make a purchase and the ONLY sales person available was grouchy, irritable and obviously not happy to be there? The person acts as if it is an inconvenience for you to be in their establishment, spending your money, supporting their store. This is the epitome of an awful experience, but we have all had it. As small business owners, we know that optimal customer service is key. Anyone can get ANYTHING at  WalMart, but I choose to shop at small family owned stores to support the local economy. Just the other day I went into my local... Read more »

Top 3 Internet Marketing Myths Debunked

Pegasus - Mythical Flying HorseIn the web design and internet marketing business, we consistently answer the same customer questions about hiring our firm. Some are the result of "myths," some are the mother of invention. Either way, there are a lot of small business owners in need of web development, internet marketing or sometimes, just revisions to what they already have. Sometimes, they come to us right from the get-go. Sometimes, they try to do it themselves. And sometimes, they are just seeking information to make an informed decision. But the common questions we encounter are: "There are lots of templates on the internet, can't I just pick one I like... Read more »

Sometimes We Have to Say NO

We have all heard it. "No, sorry can't help you." "No, you may not..." "No, you're not getting the promotion." No. It's one of the first words we learn as children, often the first form of rebellion, the first feeling of disappointment or even sadness. But what if no were a positive thing? What if we said no to being lazy-how productive we could be! What if we said no to unhealthy eating-how strong we could be! What if we said no to poor business practices-How Successful We Could Be! Just say NO to.... 1. Poor hiring. Just say no to hiring the wrong person. I know it can be... Read more »

Ignite Passion for Your Business

match flamePassion by definition is: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; an outburst of strong emotion or feeling. When someone asks you, "What do you do?" Are you stuck in a rut with the same pat answer? Is it evident to them you chose your profession? Do you love what you do and express it in a way that is evident to strangers? Okay. Not everyone is an extrovert, so this is more difficult for some. If you're a small business owner, daily doing something you love and making contacts to stimulate more business, you've got to have charisma and be able to convey it to potential clients,... Read more »

Getting Out From Under “The Man”

guy asleep at his laptopEntrepreneurship has been on my mind. At what point did you decide that working 18 hours a day to make your dreams come true was for you? Maybe you always knew... Maybe you worked 18 hours a day for "the man" and decided that was for the birds. I mean if you're going to work your fingers to the bone thanklessly, shouldn't you be working for you? Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs out there, maybe aside from being a stay-at-home mom (where you also work 18 hours a day!), and it is not for the faint of heart. If... Read more »

Teamwork Divides the Task and Doubles the SUCCESS.

young adults standing in front of a buildingHow many times, as a small business owner, have you had to do something you had no idea of how to accomplish? When you're working to find out how to accomplish these tasks instead of actually completing them you are, in fact, wasting time. Granted, you are learning something new, albeit at  a frustrating pace and still have not finished the task you set out on. This is why building your team is crucial. Team building as an entrepreneur is sometimes tricky. You usually have a lot of needs and not enough cash flow. This is why working with other... Read more »

Selling Yourself In 30 Seconds

kid selling tomatoesI recently attended a speed networking session. It's like speed dating...but you actually meet people you'd like to spend time with! There were about 50 people in the room and you sit with each of them for one minute. This gives both people the opportunity to share thier 30-second commercial for thier company. So in an hour you make contact with 49people who could be potential clients or a referral source. What an awesome idea!! Networking is as valuable as you make it. You have to be able to effectively and cohesively share what you do and... Read more »

A Lost Art: Common Courtesy

rainbowWhen was the last time someone thanked you?  I mean REALLY thanked you with true appreciation for what you had done. I wouldn't doubt that it has been quite some time. In this Internet revolution some of the personalness of business has been lost. When you've gone above and beyond your client's expectations and they look you in the eye and with amazement thank you for all your extra work, it makes the extra work worth it. Some of that connectivity has been lost in using the Internet  for business. It is really great when a client realizes you're the best at what you do and... Read more »