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Me (Kid Concept, Justin Brewer)sitting next to tree of creativity.The Concept Chronicles continue…
Justin Brewer, super intern here, with another installment of my blog. I have been travelling the speed of light trying to get everything done that I need to accomplish, however, things are starting to settle down  and a little more sand seems to be occupying my hourglass while a higher percentage of my blood becomes pure coffee. This blog post will be a short one, but, but later on in the week I will blog againand update everyone as to just why I have been so busy.  Also, this week is the beginning of myregular blogging routine.  From now on, I will be blogging at least once every week. Blog.  …Sorry, just wanted to say “blog” one more time.

So, last post I had the pleasure of introducing myself, but this week I have the oppurtunity to introduce someone else.  As you already know, SuperHero Marketing is, just as the title would lead you to believe, a site of experts represented by hero avatars in which the public can, “Hire a Hero”, based on their expertise, to help them with all their business needs.  There are only two Heroes now, Captain Arcimedia (aka Doug Greathouse) and Starlight (aka Charity Akers Durham).  Part of one of my many jobs as the super intern and resident youngblood,
is to create images for these Heroes

I have been working on Adam Moore’s character.  Adam is a Social Media Marketing specialist and Search Engine Optimization. Doug and I threw some ideas together and decided to go with a “wizard” type look to the Hero.  After there was a name coined, I penciled it out, inked it, and then scanned it in to computer color it just the way it is done today in the comic industry. The result?  I am pleased to present to you, Optimystic!

optimystic - the search engine optimization hero at SuperHero Marketing

I hope everyone is impressed with my rendering of the character and please, by all means, comment, tweet, critic, I want to hear feedback from anyone who sees this to help me and everyone that I work for.  I still have a lot of characters to draw up including my own, so if you like this one there is much more to come!

Justin C. Brewer

Intern Factoid #2 :  Justin’s favorite comic book is Mike Mignola’s “Hellboy”.

Stay tuned for my next post later in the week!

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