Should your business advertise on facebook?

1311135008__FaceBookWe work with many different types of companies in both the B2B space and the B2C space. Inevitably at some point in developing their online strategy the topic arises as to what role should Facebook play? The answer always depends on who the companies target market is and what type of product or service do they offer? When examining a companies products or service and whether it fits on Facebook we ask three key questions

1. Is it something people would buy impulsively?  People do not come to Facebook to shop normally so products or services that are fun, inexpensive, and self gratifying tend to do well on Facebook.
2. Is the product or service related to how someone defines themselves (their image) ? Beauty, fitness, fashion, music, hobby, and sports products fall into this category.
3. Would it spread well via word of mouth? For the product or service to work well via word of mouth it needs to “buzz-worthy” .  Is it new and not just new as in a new color or style of something already existing but is it something people have not seen before that they would want to tell others about?

If the answer to any or all these questions is YES then Facebook advertising could be something worth investing in. If you answer is NO to any of these questions it will more than likely be hard to get a good ROI from Facebook advertising. If you do decide to pursue Facebook advertising your ads and content need to be entertaining.

People come to Facebook to communicate with friends, vent, be amused, share funny and inspiring things, and follow current events. Most people do not come to Facebook to engage with brands. With that being said you can engage in conversations already started about your company or brand. This article at Search Engine Journal lists 5 Free Tools for Monitoring Brand Mentions on Facebook. When you are engaging in these conversations you need to not be thinking how do I engage and sell. You need to fit into the context of the conversation and be looking to connect with those involved.

Many small businesses will find little or no conversation going on about their business for several possible reasons.

  • They are not active or engaging much on social media especially in their local market.
  • They have not produced anything worth talking about.
  • There appears to not be much of a human element to their business.
  • They are using print and TV style advertising in a medium that is not conducive to that style of marketing.

Another reason Facebook advertising sometimes does not work for many small businesses is because they lack the time or resources necessary for Facebook to work for their business. They cannot rationalize taking the time of their employees and managers away from other vital tasks to engage on Facebook. Often if they do start to market on Facebook they are looking for it to work like other forms of advertising and adopt a push marketing style rather than an inbound strategy and that does more harm than good usually. In most cases it is best to hire an outside agency like SuperHero Marketing to assist with your social media marketing. It is important to note that hiring an agency does not take it completely out of your hands. A good agency will help you devise a strategy and assist you in implementing it but to really do it right it is going to require a collaboration. After all it is you and your employees and not the agency that has the knowledge about your business. The agency will assist you mostly with strategy and implementation.

Facebook marketing can work for many businesses. However, it requires a different approach then mindset then other forms of marketing. If you would like to discuss if  and how social media marketing can work for your business give us a call at 843-606-0336.


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