Why Video Makes More Money Than Anything Else Period!

Are you scared of video for any or all of the following reasons?

  • It's expensive
  • It takes to much time
  • Your not comfortable being on camera
  • You are not technically savvy
Well guess what- you can now throw all of those reasons out the window.  Andy Jenkins shows you how any regular joe can become - A Video Boss. For Free Tutorials on How to become a Video Boss Click Here

A rockin' video review of Andy Jenkin's The Video Boss

How to use social media to market your business

twitter bird with a tieIf  your business is not using social media you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your exposure and sales. In examining the question of why a business has not yet taking the plunge and started establishing itself on social media, we have heard the following "excuses"

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of understanding
  • It will not work for my industry
  • Social Media is just a fad
  • Do not think it is an effective marketing medium
In response: If you or your staff does not have time, there are marketing companies that already have a great... Read more »

Throw out your office and get on the cloud!

Stop! Put down your desk chair and step away from the dumpster. I am not starting a cult and making you think you can walk on clouds. I am not talking about your office fixtures. I am not trying to sell you more cushy office furniture. That would be a great headline if I was though. I am talking about software, in particularly Microsoft Office or any office software that has to be installed on your computer. There is an alternative and its only $184.00 dollars. Wait if you act now I will give it to you for Free. This offer is only valid until forever so Act Now!!! No but seriously, the... Read more »

Blink: An excellent book about human judgement

Blink by Malcolm GladwellBlink by Malcolm Gladwell is one of the best books that I have read in recent months. Malcolm Gladwell does a great job of explaining how our mind is able to break down situations in the blink of an eye. He sites several examples of times where rapid cognition was used effectively and also brings light to real life tragedies that could have been avoided had the individuals involved slowed down and accessed  situations a little more clearly. One of the points that I also found really interesting is how an overload of information can keep us from making the best possible decisions.   It... Read more »

Predictably Irrational

Predictably Irrational Book

Recently I finished a book by Dan Arielly entitled Predictably Irrational I really liked this book and how it gets you to look at the "big picture" of the human psychosis. The author and his collegues go through many experiments that show how naturally irrational our behavior as humans can be. This irrationality seems to encompass all areas of our lives from relationships to finances. My reason for suggesting  this book is sort of similar to how people deal with addictions. You first much admit you have a problem or in this case just become... Read more »