Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jeffrey Summers

Connect with Jeffrey Summers: Jeffrey Summers is a 29 year veteran of creating, operating, Coaching and consulting with successful food service concepts that include national and international chains, franchises and independentoperators. He is an award winning business Coach, consultant, speaker, writer and blogger who offers real world Coaching and consulting help on every facet of […] Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Richard Branson.

I am fairly sure that everyone reading this post has at least a inkling of who Richard Branson is. For the few that do not know about one of the greatest businessmen of our era. To learn more about him and his businesses go to this Wikipedia article. Richard Branson left school when he was […] Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Patrick Riddle

Let me preface this post with the fact that  Patrick is a good friend of mine. I like to surround myself with champions. Now that you know that I have a real good insight into this person, let me tell you what makes this person remarkable. Patrick is a champion. He is forever in a […] Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight:Bill Phillips Is A Champion Building Other Champions

Here is a short bio of Bill Phillips ( a condensed version of the Wikipedia article): Although the post is features a condensed version of the Wikipedia article, I have chosen not to edit out any items that might cast a bad light on Bill Phillips and will discuss why later in this post. Born […] Read more »