Want to win (and keep) more customers for your business? – Be Remarkable.

Most every business wants to be remarkable. Why is it then that so many businesses are not remarkable. They seem to be doing a lot of the same uninteresting things especially when it comes to marketing. Many business owners or managers have a hard time getting out of the – It’s what we have always […] Read more »

The Joint Venture : One of The Most Powerful and Often Overlooked Marketing Strategies.

Business owners have a multitude of marketing strategies at their disposal. The Internet and social media have added even more ways to market than ever before. One marketing tactic that is often overlooked is the joint venture. This is especially helpful to businesses starting out. If a new business can align itself with a non-competing […] Read more »

What Brett Favre and the Packers can teach us about marketing.

Good stories sell products and services! Tonight there is  Mega Monday Night NFL football game on, perhaps you heard that Brett Favre is squaring off against his old team. For any of you who have followed this story, you know that there is a lot of animosity between Favre and the Packers front office. Quick […] Read more »

Selling Yourself In 30 Seconds

I recently attended a speed networking session. It’s like speed dating…but you actually meet people you’d like to spend time with! There were about 50 people in the room and you sit with each of them for one minute. This gives both people the opportunity to share thier 30-second commercial for thier company. So in […] Read more »

Want to build your brand, inject your business with some good ol’ personality

Let’s face it folks, We all want to be entertained. You cannot sell anything by boring people with your “fancy” industry lingo. Do you remember your favorite classes in school? I bet they had teachers that were engaging. You loved going to class because not only did you learn from that teacher but it was […] Read more »

Marketing In 3D

Have you seen a 3D movie this year? Unless you are like me and only see about 2-3 movies a year, I bet you have, especially if you have kids.  Monsters vs Aliens has grossed over $375 million worldwide and Up had an opening weekend of over $62 million. What has helped these movies rise […] Read more »