Search Engine Optimizing Videos For Local Search


Local SEO for videoShowing up in Local Search Rankings is pivotal for small businesses. One way to improve your rankings is using video. Google likes to give different media options in search results when possible. You can find some content ideas for your videos here and a how to shoot video for the web tutorial here. Now let's  cover how to get those nicely shot videos ranked locally in Google.  To make it easier to follow I will once again us the wine store example from the earlier post. First... Read more »

Why we don’t sell “web design”.


SuperHero Marketing is not a web design company and we do not sell web design. What we are is  a web solutions company. Yes designing websites is something we do and we take pride in creating great websites for our clients. Our primary goal is to provide you with online strategies and tools to assist you in accomplishing your business objectives.   A website is just one component of a successful web strategy. Having a website for your business is very important as it has become the primary way most consumers seek out businesses. However, business owners should not go into the process of  getting a website or revamping an existing website without... Read more »

Internet Marketing, SEO & Your Business Part 3

Search Engine Optimization SpecialistSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined as the practice of improving a website's structure, link profile, content and marketing with the goal of attracting more and better quality traffic from search engines. To me, Search Engine Optimization encompasses a large piece of what is known as Internet Marketing & Promotions. Simply put, Internet Marketing brings more people to a website which places them directly in front of a great marketing message...Your Website.  It’s no secret that more and more companies like Proctor & Gamble and other Fortune 500 companies are shifting their advertising and marketing dollars away from traditional marketing outlets over to online... Read more »

Internet Marketing, SEO and Your Business- The Straight Facts Pt 2

Laptop on ground next to newspaperInternet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization cover a broad range of online promotion tactics.  Some of these methods include organic search engine optimization, paid (Google Adwords) advertising, paid banner placement on various websites, email marketing, social media marketing, website analytics, website flow and website structure to name a few.  Hiring an SEO specialist who is keen and up to date on all the latest Internet Marketing information and ORGANIC placement algorithms can prove to be an invaluable investment. Hiring a professional who can achieve organic (non paid) search engine placement will continuously bring your website traffic without costing you money for every link click.  Paid search engine... Read more »

Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Your Business – The Straight Facts

This is a series that will be at least 3 parts covering Internet Marketing, SEO and Your business. To kick off the series we are blocks showing google, yahoo, and other search enginesgoing to look at the straight facts of the Internet and help to show you the potential that is waiting for your business. We are going to be looking at Internet Usage, Search Engine Usage, Internet Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

▪ According to Nielsen, there are 1,200,000,000 billion people with access to the Internet conducting 66 billion searches a month. Moreover, 76% of all searches happen outside of North America.

72% of the United States population is “online”,... Read more »

Arcimedia Designed Community Makes Front Page!

My Custom Car Space LogoMy Custom Car Space is on the front page of Yahoo search results for keywords "custom cars" and "custom car". The listings are 6th and 4th respectively. For "custom car" the site ranks only behind Yahoo itself, Wikipedia, and CarDomain (which has over 600,00 members and counting). Those sites are definitely heavy hitters. They are very pleased with those results to say the least. As I stated in a previous blog (SEO vs Google) your site can rank high in one search engine and not be even close in another. My Custom Car Space is in this situation as their... Read more »

SEO vs Google: Hiring the right SEO expert

Magnifying glass hovering over google , yahoo, and other search engine pagesEverybody loves Google. Except a lot of people in the SEO Industry. Just when you think one tactic works, Google up and changes their algorithim. Google has very good intentions, they want the most relevant results to show up for the average user searching based on particular keywords. But like it or not we live in a capitalist society, and he who works the hardest or pays for a  service to get there site higher in the rankings should be rewarded with just what he worked for or paid for. Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating using... Read more »