So here I am finally posting my blog! Geeze, it only took me nearly a month to get it down on ‘paper’ (virtually). I guess the most mind blogging issue is what to say? Believe you me, not everything that comes out of my mouth needs to be blogged, but I’d like to believe there […] Read more »

Be Optimystic

The Concept Chronicles continue… Justin Brewer, super intern here, with another installment of my blog. I have been travelling the speed of light trying to get everything done that I need to accomplish, however, things are starting to settle down  and a little more sand seems to be occupying my hourglass while a higher percentage of […] Read more »

Teamwork Divides the Task and Doubles the SUCCESS.

How many times, as a small business owner, have you had to do something you had no idea of how to accomplish? When you’re working to find out how to accomplish these tasks instead of actually completing them you are, in fact, wasting time. Granted, you are learning something new, albeit at  a frustrating pace […] Read more »

Is Too Much Information Blocking Your Road To Success?

Are You one of those people that attempts to get as much information as possible on a potential opportunity? I do not advocate going into anything blindly. However, there is such thing as information overkill. Let me pose a scenario for you. Say that one of your goals was to improve your fitness and you […] Read more »