Why keeping a journal is important to your success.

Man sitting on mountain writing in a journalI have decided to add a new twist to Super Hero Marketing. I am adding a personal journal category.  Below I list the reasons why I am doing this so that you may see the value in keeping a journal as well.  They are not in any order of importance.

  • A journal  helps you keep track of your life. Let's face it we are not Elephants, we do forget or push some memories to the back of our minds. There may come a time when you want to tell a story from your life -... Read more »


Shell with Orb So here I am finally posting my blog! Geeze, it only took me nearly a month to get it down on 'paper' (virtually). I guess the most mind blogging issue is what to say? Believe you me, not everything that comes out of my mouth needs to be blogged, but I'd like to believe there are some things on this journey we call "life" that I've learned and would enjoy sharing with others.  I liked to call these rambling of thoughts "pearls".  I can't take credit for this, since I first heard the term during my ... Read more »

Be Optimystic

Me (Kid Concept, Justin Brewer)sitting next to tree of creativity.The Concept Chronicles continue... Justin Brewer, super intern here, with another installment of my blog. I have been travelling the speed of light trying to get everything done that I need to accomplish, however, things are starting to settle down  and a little more sand seems to be occupying my hourglass while a higher percentage of my blood becomes pure coffee. This blog post will be a short one, but, but later on in the week I will blog againand update everyone as to just why I have been so busy.  Also, this week is the beginning of myregular blogging routine.  From now on,... Read more »

The One Childhood Trait You Cannot Afford To Let Go Of

a picture of a cloud that says dream bigDo you remember when you where a kid and life was full of possibilities? Then it seemed that as you got  older the dreams got smaller and you no longer thought that you could be anyone or do anything you put your mind to. We were all told by someone whether it was a teacher, family member, boss, or someone else that obviously felt the need to "bring you back to earth" that we where being unrealistic. Their prognosis of our worth or ability was more than likely based on where we where in our life at that point. We... Read more »

Teamwork Divides the Task and Doubles the SUCCESS.

young adults standing in front of a buildingHow many times, as a small business owner, have you had to do something you had no idea of how to accomplish? When you're working to find out how to accomplish these tasks instead of actually completing them you are, in fact, wasting time. Granted, you are learning something new, albeit at  a frustrating pace and still have not finished the task you set out on. This is why building your team is crucial. Team building as an entrepreneur is sometimes tricky. You usually have a lot of needs and not enough cash flow. This is why working with other... Read more »

Frustration? Could be you are worrying about small fish.

cartoon piranha picThere are tons of things in life that can attack our demeanor and effectiveness. One of the worst is worrying to much about the small stuff. Life is much too short to let small events, people, or circumstances get us down. The more you focus on these things that peve you, the more power you give them. That guy that cut you off in traffic, Who's day did he ruin? not his and he does not have to ruin yours either. There are so many things in life that will happen that are out of our control. So why not worry about the... Read more »

Is Too Much Information Blocking Your Road To Success?

Are You one of those people that attempts to get as much information as possible on a potential opportunity? I do not advocate going into anything blindly. However, there is such thing as information overkill. Let me pose a scenario for you. Say that one of your goals was to improve your fitness and you wanted to find the best diet plan and gym to use before starting to get fit. How much information do you actually need ? You could spend months researching before you ever begin. That is months you are taking away from your health. The worst case scenario in making a quick somewhat educated chose in this matter is that you don't like the gym or diet.... Read more »