Why Video Makes More Money Than Anything Else Period!

Are you scared of video for any or all of the following reasons?

  • It's expensive
  • It takes to much time
  • Your not comfortable being on camera
  • You are not technically savvy
Well guess what- you can now throw all of those reasons out the window.  Andy Jenkins shows you how any regular joe can become - A Video Boss. For Free Tutorials on How to become a Video Boss Click Here

A rockin' video review of Andy Jenkin's The Video Boss

Why Most Small Businesses Fail at Twitter

Small business failure on TwitterWhat’s that saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” Well, just like any marketing strategy, social media needs planning. You cannot just jump on Twitter or Facebook and expect to make sales or generate a lead database without some planning. The fact is, most small businesses fail at Facebook and Twitter because they fail to plan strategies that convert followers and fans to leads and customers. However, when implemented properly, a customized Facebook fan page and a Twitter account can directly increase your ability to collect and message leads and boost sales. Take Papa John’s Facebook Page: it is responsible... Read more »

Show me the Value – Hunting for ROI in the Social Media Maze

social-media-maze with youtube, flickr, linkedin, facebook, and twitter logosValue is a relative term - right? What means something to me might not mean the same for you. But, we all understand that when we spend time or money to achieve a goal or solve a problem, we want to see some progress to that end. In order to realize value from time spent engaging in social media, you have to be clear on why you are "engaging" in the first place. You need to know what you want from social media - are you looking for customers, clients, franchise prospects, channel partners or collaborators, newsletter... Read more »

Twitter vs Spam: A few bad apples spoil the lot.

An image of a bad appleI am going to start this post off with how I feel personally about the enforcement of the no recurring tweet rule from twitter. Last night I went to my Socialoomph account to write up a scheduled tweet. I was alarmed to see a lot of tweets surrounded in a light red box with this message : This tweet was not published. This recurring tweet has been deactivated. Please see our blog post at http://www.socialoomphblog.com/recurring-tweets/ for more information. My first reaction was WTF? Then I proceeded to Socialoomph's blog and read all the comments left on the... Read more »

What’s so big about twitter?

cell phone with a twitter stickerLast night we, at Arcimedia, went to our second event hosted by the Social Media Club of Charleston.  While last month's gathering came down to a few getting-to-know-you beers during happy hour, yesterday's meeting format was more akin to an open-discussion, social networking symposium; with one word dominating most of the dialogue:  Twitter. It seems that there are still many people, those who are social networking engineers included, who still do not understand the big deal about Twitter.  Who cares?  Why do people enjoy it so much?  Where is the power? To answer this, let us go back to around 2002/2003 when Nextel came out with... Read more »

Want to build your brand, inject your business with some good ol’ personality

hotforwords Let's face it folks, We all want to be entertained. You cannot sell anything by boring people with your "fancy" industry lingo. Do you remember your favorite classes in school? I bet they had teachers that were engaging. You loved going to class because not only did you learn from that teacher but it was at least a little fun. The same principal applies to marketing your business. You want to make it very hard for your clients and prospects to forget you. I am not saying you need to be an "entertainer" but you do have to be engaging. If they are talking about... Read more »

How to use social media to market your business

twitter bird with a tieIf  your business is not using social media you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your exposure and sales. In examining the question of why a business has not yet taking the plunge and started establishing itself on social media, we have heard the following "excuses"

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of understanding
  • It will not work for my industry
  • Social Media is just a fad
  • Do not think it is an effective marketing medium
In response: If you or your staff does not have time, there are marketing companies that already have a great... Read more »

Using FaceBook For Business

If as a business owner or budding entrepeneur you are not aware of the power of FaceBook to build your brand and communicate with current and potential customers, I highly recommend that you explore the role that FaceBook can have in your marketing efforts. As I am not one to reinvent the wheel, and Hubspot has done a wonderful job of explaining this in their presentation, I am going to supply you with this link to there webinar. Using FaceBook For Business. They show you how to get setup in Facebook and how to use it as a marketing channel for your business. Enjoy! Read more »