Cliche or Good Idea?

Going the Extra Mile

Have you ever had to make a purchase and the ONLY sales person available was grouchy, irritable and obviously not happy to be there? The person acts as if it is an inconvenience for you to be in their establishment, spending your money, supporting their store. This is the epitome of an awful experience, but we have all had it. As small business owners, we know that optimal customer service is key. Anyone can get ANYTHING at  WalMart, but I choose to shop at small family owned stores to support the local economy. Just the other day I went into my local hardware store, and since I don’t normally frequent the hardware store I had no idea where anything was, and the nice young man behind the counter didn’t direct me to where I needed to be but took me to the correct aisle, showed me the product I needed and made suggestions of other  things I may need, to save me an additional trip. WOW. That’s amazing customer service!
Going above and beyond our clients expectations is what will keep them coming back and referring us to others. Make sure you are going the extra mile for your clients. Going the extra mile means the rendering of more and better service than that for which you are paid, and giving it in a positive attitude. Search the world over for a single sound argument against this principle and you will not find it, nor will you find a single instance of enduring success, which was not gained in part by this rule of thumb.

At this point, I can see the wheels turning. How can I go the extra mile? My resources are slim what can I do? Will it really make a difference?

There are lots of little ways to go the extra mile for your clients. In Charleston, SC there is an auto service center called, Gerald’s. When a lady brings her car in for an new brakes, or an alignment, or whatever, the technician places a fresh flower in her car! (I’m sure they do something nice for the men too, but since I’m a lady, I’m not really sure.) This is a small gesture that brings a smile to every woman’s face, I’m sure. And then she has another reason to recommend Gerald’s to others.

The advantages of going the extra mile are undeniable: It enables you to profit by the law of contrast since the majority of people do not practice the habit and it tends to make one seem indispensable and dependable. More importantly, it  gives you the only logical reason for asking for increased compensation. If  you perform no more than the service you are being paid for, then obviously you are receiving all the pay you are entitled. Doesn’t everyone want to make more money and have more happy clients? I think that as small business owners and entrepreneurs we’re all in it for the same reasons. So what reason will you give your client to sing your praises.

**I know this has been a cliche ridden post, but sometimes the tongue  in cheek method can get your attention! You’re still reading, right? 🙂

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