How to create a Facebook page for your business that converts.

Breakthrough to more leads and conversions on FacebookFacebook is becoming a better place to promote your business everyday. Yet still many businesses are unsure on how to use Facebook to promote their business. It all starts with a solid foundation and that would be your businesses fan Page. Listed below is a step by step tutorial on elements to include in you fan page to grow the number of likes and convert more of those fans into actual consumers and create some raving fans.

1. The Facebook Page profile picture.

Even if this is a Fan Page for you as a Entrepreneur or local celebrity – it should be more than a picture of you. I am not saying it cannot have a picture of you, it just needs to be “Brand You” . If you do include a photo of yourself it should be a professional shot. Day at the beach pic is fine for your regular profile but it does nothing to help your professional image ( unless your a bikini model). You should have a logo made from your name, have a color scheme, etc..If you have branded yourself other places like your blog carry that over to your Facebook page for consistency. How to properly brand yourself completely is something for a different post.  Look for that one soon. Below are some links to some great “Brand You” Facebook pages.

If you are a business the profile picture should include your logo -duh? or your slogan. At SuperHero Marketing we chose to use our slogan as it also serves as a call to action and implores curiosity.  Plus our name is really long and harder to see in the thumbnail.  After your logo – you can include other brand identifying elements such as products. I have listed several  Facebook business pages below that use the profile picture area well.

2. Sidebar

The info box in your sidebar should include at least a “Call To Action” and a link to your main website. Publish photos of people using or enjoying your product or service the latest ones will be added to your sidebar. Post any and all events in your page’s feed even a sale can be classified as an  event. Those events will start to fill your sidebar. The more frequent you have events the better. Visitors will come back to see what events are upcoming or what they may have missed.  If you have videos of your product or service you should post those frequently on your page. I myself respond to more videos and photos than I do to regular status updates. If you post something you should always try to include a link, photo, or video.

3.Facebook Landing Pages

You should have at least one customized tab or as I like to call them “Facebook Landing Pages” . These tabs should once again be branded to your company’s image.  This will give you an opportunity to generate leads from your Facebook page as well as increase engagement.  Below are several ideas for Facebook landing pages as well as links to brands that have utilized them.

4. Video

I mentioned videos in the Facebook Landing Pages section as well as in the sidebar. Bottom line is videos are hugely popular online. Most people if they are even remotely interested in the content will push play on a video. Video Marketing is a topic that could be gotten into further but, I will not as it would take away from the main point and could get lengthy. I will leave it at this – videos online are much like television commercials in the sense that – for mass appeal they need to be really interesting ( Most Ted videos) or really funny ( like this one from Red House Furniture) or both. I understand that funny videos do not work with every brands image. Every brands videos should at least be interesting and not seem like used car ads ( here is a used car dealer that went the funny route ).  Nuff said for now. I will do another post on Video Marketing in the future.


Liking your page can be considered an opt in. Many companies are restricting are cleverly restricting some of their Facebook content to only those people who like their page. You may need to a hire a hero (shameless plug) to implement the code on your page to accomplish this. In all facets of design and coding on your pages I recommend hiring a pro. We have all seen the I done it myself websites.  You can also include forms that capture email addresses in your pages. Let face it subscribe to my newsletter just doesn’t get it when it comes to lead generation. You need to have a bona fide offer – something that your prospects really want or can use.  I have created another list below of possible offers for your opt in. *note your offer will not have to be as big for someone to like your page as it will be for someone to give up their email address.

6. Contact Information – DUH.

You would not believe how many websites we encounter where the only place you find the the contact information is on the contact page (usually the last tab in the navigation). The same principle applies here – put your contact info front and center . How are you going to sell products without a way for anyone to reach you. The one exception being is if you sell directly from Facebook ( look here for how to add a Facebook store) .  In that situation you run into the consumer trust factor. Most (smart) people will not buy from you if you do not display away to contact your business. The more ways their are to contact your company the better. Some people love email while others love the phone or social media.

7. Engagement

I saved this one for last because it is important. Granted when you first launch your page, no one is there to engage with. You should start by inviting your friends and family. You should also implore them to post something nice on your wall about your business. If your friends and family cannot say nice things about you – you have bigger problems than how to put together a great Facebook page. Try to interact with as many people that fan your page. ALWAYS respond when someone posts a comment to your page – Good or Bad. If someone had a bad experience with your product or service this is your chance to win them back and do it in front of all your other Facebook fans. Granted their are some fights you cannot win or even try to. If someone is using profanity on your page it may be best just to delete the comment. I was a manager in the food & beverage industry for a long time and I found that the customers that could not be one back where few and far between. People want to know you care and want to make things right.  I have one more list for you on other ways to engage your Facebook fans.

  • Contest – Treasure Hunts, Tell us your product/service story, etc..
  • Surveys
  • Random Acts of Kindness – Send a fan a Birthday or Anniversary greeting
  • Allow them to post their customer service questions on your page

Another Shameless plug #2 – The heroes at SuperHero Marketing can not only create a Facebook page for you that will get you started on the right path with your Facebook Marketing they can put together a complete online marketing strategy for you as well – Give us a call at 843-606-0336 or email the heroes at

Also we want to know about your Facebook page – feel free to plug it in the comments.  Even if you do not have a Facebook page we  would  to hear your comments about our post or Facebook marketing in general.

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