Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kamran Popkin

Kamran Popkin

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Kamran Popkin

Creative Director at Swag Club

As a true bio for Kamran cannot be found online and he is reluctant to give one, I have decided to tell you what I know and think about Kamran Pompkin. I think of him as a mad toy making genius. He has oodles and oodles of creativity. Look up “out of the box thinker” in the dictionary, I don’t really think they put whole phrases in the dictionary, but if they did there to the left would be Kamran’s smiling mug. He is also one of the most unique individuals you will ever meet and it does not seem like an act – it is truly his persona. Although I am not in his inner circle (those otherwise known as instigators) he makes me feel like I need to be, as if I am missing out on something, Which I am sure I am. He does this without seeming like an elitist because the people in this inner circle are not all CEO’s, Heads of States, and such, just cool cats that he likes and likes what they do and vice versa. That may be totally wrong, how am I truly to know what the criteria of becoming an instigator is.

Kamran has taken an industry of “koozie mongers” – his words not mine – and carved out something extraordinary and special. If you really want to know the value of Kamran and Swag Club seek out one of their clients. They will tell you the story of how Kamran has helped tell a story with their brand (koozies don’t normally help tell stories) and provided them with something that truly felt original and fit their brand perfectly.


Swag Club Logo.

Swag Club put logos on cool things- sometimes off the shelf, sometimes custom built. And there are an infinity of cool things to pull you to ‘wow’. Infinity! And beyond!
Their pledge to you is this- they will give you anything humanly possible, including cayenne pepper hot sauce, Kamran and his team are going to ask a few questions first. They want to ensure that their products are part of a project or program that really integrates into your overall message.
They will never ‘just write up an order’ cause it was easy. They care too much to serve you so lightly.
Call them. 864.316.6263

Swag Club is a mysterious and uniquely creative company. To learn more about them follow the interwebs – you may or may not find anything about them.

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