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Michael Lord is a Christian who is obsessed with creating ways to reach people right where they are in life today. He and his wife Kim have been blessed to lead a ministry called LordSong for the past nine years.

In 2005, they started a new venture called KiMichael Productons, Inc. After years of making records in Nashville, they decided to open a facility that would allow LordSong to produce music at home and provide artist in the area an alternative to commercial studios for ministry projects. The CamoLodge is a full service recording facility with a rustic outdoorsmen feel. It also serves as the home of michaellordoutdoors.com. His passion for the outdoors and his desire to see people come to know Christ is fueling the fire that is quickly becoming the his next step in ministry. He wants to reach people in the woods, on the water, and in their hearts with the message of Jesus. Check out MichaelLordOutdoors.com to share in what happens on his journey.

SuperHero Marketing went to see Michael at the CamoLodge and asked him some questions that we hope that  ministries and entrepreneurs alike can gain some inspiration or knowledge from.

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Michael Lord Outdoors is a ministry that seeks to engage outdoorsmen with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  Michael Lord is an avid outdoorsmen who loves God and the people He created.  This is Michael’s 20 year anniversary in ministry.  He is a gifted writer, musician, communicator, dreamer, and idea generator.

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  1. Dear Mr. Lord,
          I noticed your “truck” in my neighborhood and I have seen you driving around town.  I live at 15 Arbours West Lane, in Arbours West.  I have been in the neighborhood for less than a year.  I am interested in speaking to you.  I have a home based business and I believe that the products that I sell and the mission that our company has would blend with what you do.  I am a Creative Memories Consultant and I help people to get their photos into albums, Storybooks, and creative products that showcase people’s photos in their home.  We also encourage an album making process called “Faithbooking”.  I would recommend that you go to Creativememories .com to take a look at our product line.  I hope you might be willing to talk with me.  My home phone number is 727-534-9824 and my e mail address is cjsuttle@aol.com.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this message, and I hope to hear from you soon. Cindy Jo Suttle

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