Entrepreneur Spotlight: Robert Lacy – The Devotional Chef

Robert Lacy - The Devotional Chef

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Reverand Robert Lacy

The Devotional Chef

Robert Lacy’s culinary point of view is “American Comfort Food”. To him, American Comfort Foods are foods that invoke warmth to your tummy and soul. These are foods that say “hearty” and “naturally flavorful” food. American Comfort Food is meant to be shared with family and friends, sometimes at Sunday dinners after church at Grandma’s house. American Comfort Food recipes are a melting pot for our great food culture in the USA and include recipes from all regions of the country.

In 2003, He published the Devotional Cookbook (1st printing). He had written letters to many nationally renowned men and women of the cloth – Pope John Paul II, Billy Graham, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, etc. – asking them for their favorite recipe and for a devotional to be included with my recipes in my cookbook. The response was strong. Several of these national figures have now passed away. Today, I sincerely count their recipes and devotionals as some of my favorites in my cookbook The Devotional Cookbook.

R. Rev. Lacy is married to Paula K. Lacy. They have 3 adult children and 2 lovely grandchildren. Both Reverend and Mrs. Lacy are ordained and licensed ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They serve as staff ministers in White Dove Ministries and in the evangelistic field. They currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Devotional Chef brand was originally created to build and fund “The Gospel Kitchen” – a non-profit kitchen dedicated to feeding the hungry and ministering to families in need. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, I use food to soften hearts, nourish bodies and create relationships. My vision is to establish a men’s and family facility, a local church, a soup kitchen, a food pantry outreach and a child assistance foundation.

SuperHero Marketing recently asked Robert about his love of food, his ministry, and growing the Devotional Chef brand.

SHM: Tell me a little about how you became “The Devotional Chef”?

Robert: I self published a Christian Cook Book in 1998 which consisted of Devotions and Recipes from famous Preachers and Sports people .

After compiling the contributors entries and penning my own recipes and devotions ,I took the Brand name “The Devotional Chef”.

Why ,I can Minister Spiritual & Good Food to the whole man.


The book was released and did moderately well on and offline @ 16k.

SHM: What has been your biggest difficulty or obstacle in growing The Devotional Chef Ministry?

Robert: Like any business, raising seed and operating funds is my biggest obstacle in growing the Devotional Chef Ministry.

SHM: What social media platform do you feel is more effective for Ministry – Facebook or Twitter? And Why?

Robert: Social Media is effective in keeping one viable as a public entity. Twitter can get you followers and Facebook can get you fans ,so each has significance,
to my Ministry.

SHM: Where do you see “The Devotional Chef” in 5 years?

Robert: I see the Brand becoming a household name as we are negotiating with national TV network and I have a QVC & HSN Agent on board.

SHM: Who is your favorite Chef?

Robert: I really do not have a favorite Chef. I like cooking shows overall and I’m an Iron Chef & Sam the Cooking Guy fan.

SHM: Best dish you have ever made?

Robert: Veal Parmigiana Romano

A combination of Veal, Prosciutto Eggplant ,layered with Mozzarella, Provolone & Parmigiano Cheese baked in a dish smothered in a rich tomato gravy , en fettucini

SHM: Best dish you have ever had?

Robert:Chinese food ,Chobi San Juan Porto Rico restaurant ,1966. Best Dish!

SHM: If you were not “The Devotional Chef” what would you be doing?

Robert: I’m first and foremost a Licensed and Ordained Pentecostal Preacher, I’ll always be such ,Chef or no.

SHM: What would you say is the hardest thing about being an Entrepreneur?

Robert: Staying financially sound to accomplish more of the vision and to be forward moving ,not stagnant.

SHM: What other type of business could help you most right now?

Robert: TV networks,Book Publishers,Publicist and a strong internet marketer & blogger and a 2.5 million investment.

SHM: What Blog do you follow most?

Robert: I do not follow a Blog.

Devotional Chef logoIf you are interested in The Devotional Chef program and/or products
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