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Ron MeadRon bought his first investment property in 1979 while still in the restaurant business. Then in 1995 and 1996, his Father and Mother passed away and he was faced with the task of selling their home. When the process took over seven months, he noted that if someone would have offered him a discounted price during that period, he would have accepted their offer just to get rid of the project.

After the sale was completed, he returned to his home in Portland and set out to see if he could find a way to locate others who had inherited property to see if they might have an interest in selling their inherited property to him. After working for three months, Ron bought his first Probate Property and has worked in the Probate arena ever since.

In 2004, Ron was asked to write a book on Probate investing so he produced “31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate” which has proven to be hugely successful.

It is currently ranked as the #1 Probate Real Estate book on the internet. Ron’s latest product is a four hour dvd series showing him going through an actual transaction. For more information including a free six part series titled, “Probate Real Estate; The Untapped Market”, please visit  BuyProbateProperty.com

SuperHero Marketing caught up with  Ron Mead recently and asked him to tell us how he got his business where it is today and we also find out he may be the only American adult to not have had a Starbuck’s Coffee.

SHM: Ron, What got you into marketing your Real Estate Investing knowledge online ?

Ron: In 2004, I taught someone the basics of how to invest in Probate Real Estate. After we finished she suggested I knew some valuable information that others could benefit from so she suggested I write an e-book about it. The problem was I had never written anything nor did I have a clue about e-commerce. It took me about 6 months and three web designers to get business up and running and my first week I did $70 dollars in sales but it was a start. Five years later we have a nice six figure business with just my wife and I running it.

SHM: Who has been the greatest mentor or influencer for you?

Ron: I have purchased many courses over the years to learn my craft so it’s hard to point to one. The advantage I have had over many is I have been self-employed most of my life so I am used to figuring things out on my own.

SHM: What do you feel is the biggest asset to your business?

Ron: There is no doubt that the biggest asset we have that distinguishes my business from 99% of all the other online ventures is the personalization and customer service we provide. We publish our office phone number, answer the phone when it rings, publish our email address and answer every email within 24 hours, contact each of our customers each week through blogs and emails and phone calls. As simple as these steps sound, most IM’s will not do this so it’s easy for us to be outstanding in these areas. I also attach a personal note to every mailing I send out. May sound like a lot of work to some but it pays off. Two emails last year netted me over $70K because of the relationship I had previously built. I was also voted by my subscribers as the #1 Real Estate blogger in North America in 2010.

SHM: What blog do you follow most?

Ron: I have learned to focus on my own business so I don’t follow any blogs. I do belong to a Google group called “JV Chatter” that sends me 5-100 posts each day that I read about 25% of and keeps me up to date with what other marketers are doing. Most to of the things they say they are doing, I won’t do so that’s the benefit.

SHM: What do you see as the top priorities for your your business this year.

Ron: My top priority for 2011 is to serve my customers better. They have told me they want personalized coaching so I am putting together membership site with a coaching component. It will also have a hard copy newsletter that will be published once per month. I also recently offered a data base for tracking leads that will be offered and re-launched. I am also producing a first class Webinar that I can offer to others who wish to promote my product. I survey my customers as to how I can help them at least once per year and I let them tell me what they need and then I produce that for them.

SHM: What is the best business tool you ever bought?

Ron: The greatest business tool I ever bought has to be my shopping cart. To be able to conduct sales while I am a sleep or playing golf is a downright miracle.

SHM: Starbucks or local?

Ron: I don’t drink coffee so I don’t visit Starbucks. 95% of my work is in my home office. The only exceptions are I visit the library often with my laptop if I need to get out and I also will rent a cabin for a few days if I am creating a new product and I want uninterrupted time. By doing this I can cut down my product development time from 2-3 months to 3 days. .

SHM: Best book you have ever read?

Ron: I read 2 books per week so it’s hard to state the best book I ever read but if I had to choose just one it probably would be “The Four Agreements”. I just finished Kevin Hall’s “Aspire” and that’s mighty, mighty close to edging out Don Miguel Ruiz’s book.

SHM: If you could go back in time and change one decision you made in regards to your business what would it be?

Ron: If I were to change one thing in my IM career development, I would choose to work faster. I took too long to get started and had I worked faster and made more mistakes quicker, I would have reached six figures in my second year. As it was it took three.

Ron Mead Training LogoRon Mead has multiple online businesses, to keep up with what he has going on you can check out his blog at Ronmead.com or visit his website at  BuyProbateProperty.com .

You can also email Ron at ronsoffice@ronmead.com

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