Entrepreneur Spotlight Submission

Entrepreneur Spotlight LogoWe want to showcase you and your business!

In our Entrepreneur Spotlight series we are featuring various entrepreneurs across a wide variety of industries. We are also looking to feature those that may or may not  be Entrepreneurs, but are making a positive impact on their communities.

Do you have a great story or articles of wisdom to pass on to your fellow Entrepreneurs? If so tell us a little about you and your business, in the form below, and we will review your submission. If accepted we will email you a short interview. Once the interview is returned and approved we may feature it on SuperHeroMarketing.net.

We do have some stipulations for accepting your business for Entrepreneur Spotlight.

Although we would love to feature all requests for submission that we get, we simply cannot. We will only endorse products and businesses that we feel are truly beneficial to our audience – we hate spam – it’s one of our arch enemies.

Entrepreneur Spotlight Submission Form

  • This can also be the name of your non-profit, cause, or charity.
    If you do not live or do business in Greenville we still want your submission. This field is for the possibility of a video interview.