Frustration? Could be you are worrying about small fish.

cartoon piranha picThere are tons of things in life that can attack our demeanor and effectiveness. One of the worst is worrying to much about the small stuff. Life is much too short to let small events, people, or circumstances get us down. The more you focus on these things that peve you, the more power you give them. That guy that cut you off in traffic, Who’s day did he ruin? not his and he does not have to ruin yours either. There are so many things in life that will happen that are out of our control. So why not worry about the “Big Fish” and throw all those little ones back. Before you know it you have so many of those little fish in your boat you start to sink.

I am sure everyone has heard the old cliche ” It is not what happens to us in life but, how we deal with it” .  As tired as that may seem , to me it is something that I choose to live by. We all know someone that seems to never have a bad day and always seems so chipper with a “carpe diem” attitude and I am willing to bet there are times when  many of you on one of your “bad days” just wanted to punch that person. We also know that person that seems to think it is always raining. You may ask yourself? What is the difference between the glum gus and that happy go lucky person? You may think that that happy go lucky individual  just has an easier life  or they are really good at hiding their anxiety and frustrations. That is not it at all, they just choose to deal differently with the things that happen in life.

I would like to quote the great Jay-Z and say ” Go ahead and brush your shoulder off” . When that person cuts you off what are you going to do about it? Get all riled up , give them the “bird” and stare at them menacingly at the light? What does that accomplish? If you say it makes you feel better, you are lying. The answer is absolutely nothing.

There are plenty of things that warrant us getting upset in life. However, for the most part many of us let everything get to us. This leads to a high level of stress, makes us less effective, and less fun to be around. When your focused on that small problem or incident  it impairs your ability to focus on positive things. The stress can also lead to health problems.

My challenge to anyone that sees “sweating the small stuff”  as something hindering them is to whenever you start to get upset, take a second and really reflect on what you are upset about. Is it really worth the anxiety and stress? If it is a conflict with another person is there a better way to deal with it than projecting your frustration? If you gain nothing from getting upset about it then why get upset?

I am not sure if I believe that anyone is naturally more high- strung  than anyone else. I believe it is mental conditioning that makes us see the world one way or another. So train your mind to stop giving so much power to those “small fish”.

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