Blog Action Day 2008: Giving, It not only builds what you are giving to but builds you even more.

For Blog Action Day, I have decided to re-post an article I had written a few months ago and add some more content to it. It is not because I do not have something original that I could write. This post really emphasizes the power of giving back and I believe when attacking the problem of poverty it is important to know the power that giving has.

Almost every truly successful person ( life success not just financial success) will tell you giving has supernatural abilities. Many entrepreneurs have experienced amazing success after they started to give back. When John Templeton was making $50.00 a week, he gave back half of it. He is now a billionaire. Could you see yourself doing that? When Bill Phillips started giving to the Make A Wish Foundation he saw his business skyrocket and go from $60 million a year to $200 million a year.

What if you donated 2% or more of all your businesses equity to charity? What if every business did that? We could help so many people people across the globe. So what stops the majority of us from giving what we should? Most people have heard that you “Reap what you sow” and “that if you give unto others it will be returned to you in multitudes” but, they do not truly believe these words. To them they are nothing more than cliches. I can tell you from my own personal experience that every time I have given ( even though it seemed I did not have at times) I have always gotten it back.

I think one of the hardest parts of this for most people is the uncertainty of when they will receive what they give back. My answer to that is, when you truly need it. I am not saying that if you give more money than you have that a bill might not be late. I am only saying that you will get it back. Just not on your time table. Let me ask you this, If I was to tell you that if you gave a $100 to charity. In 2 months I would give you $500. Would you do it? What if it left you with only $20.00 and you did not get paid for another 4 days? This does not only have to do with monetary giving. Time is something you can give and get back as well. Here is another scenario, say I asked you to volunteer 20 hours a month for habitat for humanity but, you were already working 60 hours a week. Would you do it? What if I told you would get another job making more money and working half the time in 3 years if you volunteered for sixth months. Would you do it then? Bottom line is their is a reason that these statements have stood the test of time. Because they are true. Many successful people will tell you they could not have gotten where they are if they first didn’t give back. Do not make excuses that you will give when you have more time or money. It is a test of character, you should give now otherwise, you may never have the time or money to give. Then when you do have the time and money it will be instilled in your character and you will be a better person because of it.

When I first published the preceding content in this post, it was before the economic bailout and all the feelings of doom and gloom that swept over our nation and other parts of the world. I know many people and businesses have problems of their own and find it hard to focus on the problem of poverty in other peoples lives. Even in this economic crisis their are so many others that are much worse off than a lot of us. It is sad that we sometimes as  Americans need a crisis to “hit home” before we see the need to give of our time, goods, or money. Whether hitting home means actual tragedy in our families or in our country. Let us use this day to forget about our problems and focus on others that are less fortunate whether they are are our neighbors, strangers, or foreigners. Poverty is a global problem let’s unite and battle it together. It is not always money that you have to give. An even better gift to give someone is to teach them a skill that will help them find employment or you can volunteer with an organization like Habitat For Humanity to help those in need of housing. If you attend a church, many have programs in place already that you can volunteer with. If you want to take it a step further, start your own movement or charity.  Even if it seems like you do not have much to give there is always something you can do. You are only powerless if you truly believe you are. If that is the case I urge you to change your mind set and change your belief structure and tap into the power that is in you. Let us not only blog or talk about the problem, Let us take action!
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  1. Adam M says:

    I really like the post as it is a breath of fresh air. The act of giving is a great feeling on both ends but we are often reminded of the cliche “tis better to give than to receive”.

    About 5 years ago I noticed a woman who had a flat tire just a few blocks down the street from where I was (in a shady part of town). Did I REALLY Have time to help her out, of course not, I was running late like so many Americans on a time crunch. But I changed her tire anyway and helped her quickly get out of this seedy party of town. She was extremely thankful as she tried to offer me money. I didnt feel that was necessary and I went on my way happy to have helped.

    Not 2 years later I was driving from warm South Carolina to Ohio and hit an ice/snow storm in the Ohio River Valley on Appalachia Hwy (I decided to take the scenic route). I hit a patch of ice and spun into the median. As I opened my door to check the damage I had to fight through almost 2 feet of snow to get my door open, I had no cell phone reception, was 15 miles from the next town, it was 1am and I was wearing shorts. Preparing myself to walk a man came by in a truck and offered to pull me out of the median, which he successfully did. I tried to offer HIM money and let him know how awesome he is for stopping to help someone at 1am in the morning on a dark hwy. He was just happy to help and at that moment I thought back to the woman I had helped 2 years ago.

    What goes around comes around!

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