Great Videos Ideas for Your Company Website

Many business owners would love to add video to their website but are often unsure of what will work best for their business. Below are some ideas for video content that will help your website engage your audience and sell your product or service.

Storytelling – You can tell the story of your brand’s history or a customer experience.  This gets your audience more in touch with your brand. If the story is good your customers may share it with their friends. Below is an example of the story of how Coloft – a coworking space in Santa Monica California got started.

Testimonials – Video testimonials are 10x more powerful than text testimonials. Your prospect will have more trust in your product/service because they can actually see a real person singing your praises. Video can capture things such as tone and facial expressions which you just don’t get with text.  Below is a great example for AdvoCare products.

Product Demos – With a video you can go further in-depth about your product and/or demonstrate how it can help your customer. Check out the product demo below for the Marshmallow Shooter. Doesn’t it make you want to get one for your office? Wouldn’t you love to just do a sneaky Ninja style attack on a coworker? Hey – That could be a great Funny Stuff or Behind the Scenes video.

Calls To Action – Yes you can sell from your video. Some of the most succesful websites walk their prospects through the buying process. A video can be easily incorporated into your sales process. These type of videos work best on landing pages in which the prospect has come to specifically inquiring about a certain product or service. Below is a video for Dropbox which tells you why you should use Dropbox. On the DropBox home page underneath the video is the download Dropbox button.

Behind the Scenes – People love to feel like insiders especially with certain industries. People also do business with people/companies they know, like, and trust. A behind the scenes video can pull back the curtain on your operations. It will allow your prospect to see real people working hard to deliver your service/product. This will go a long way in helping your customers identify with and trust your company.

Behind the scenes at Ladybug Organic Coffee Company

Funny Stuff – Do you have a fun company? Show that side a little more with comical videos. A good example of this are the Zappos videos like the one below. Example Below.

There are many other things you can do with video such as tips and strategies related to your product/service or how your company is involved in the community or with a charity. The NBA does a great job with the NBA Cares campaign. In the comments below add a link to your company’s video or any video you think does a great job on using these ideas.

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