How To Shoot a SUPER Video For Your Website

video-marketing-for-small-business-websiteDid you know that  a local business has a better chance of ranking for relevant search terms using YouTube hosted, highly optimized videos than any other approach? – Blog post coming soon on Local SEO for videos.
Video production for the web has gotten very affordable. I will create another blog post about picking the best equipment at the best value in another blog post and add the link here once I do.

Below are the steps to create a great video for your website.

Let’s use the fictional company – Acme Wine Shop.

The first step is to come up with the concept for the video –  If you would like to look back on our post on content ideas for your videos you can find it here. They have decided to do a short sneak peak video in which they show a wine or two that will be tasted and mention their featured guest – usually a wine maker or distributor for their  weekly wine tasting.

The second step is to come up with a script or just wing it. Really whatever is most comfortable for you or your team. The trick is if you are using a script you do not want to appear as if you are.  It is also best not to have a bland monotone deliverance in your video. It should seem as though you are talking to your audience. The worst thing you can do is let fear of the camera keep you from making videos. You should realize that the first ones will not be the best and that they will get better as you go along.

The third step is to make sure the environment in which you are shooting the video is ready. Does it look cluttered or unorganized? Think of the visual messages you will be presenting to your audience. How is the lighting? You may need to take a quick take just to see how the lighting appears in the video. Be creative – Is there a way – without being obnoxious or distracting – to get your product or someone using your service in the shot? Speaking of distracting, make sure any noise that is present will be okay in the video. Ambient music in a store is probably okay as long as it is at an acceptable volume level.  Although wardrobe and overall appearance are not part of the environment you need to make sure your attire is appropriate for your audience.

The fourth step is to make sure the camera is set up correctly and everything that needs to be in the frame is.

Now you are ready to shoot your video and start attracting more customers. In the next blog post we will discuss low cost equipment and software to get you shooting videos like a pro. Of course you could always hire the heroes to shoot and produce a great video for you.

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