How to use social media to market your business

twitter bird with a tieIf  your business is not using social media you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your exposure and sales.
In examining the question of why a business has not yet taking the plunge and started establishing itself on social media, we have heard the following “excuses”

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of understanding
  • It will not work for my industry
  • Social Media is just a fad
  • Do not think it is an effective marketing medium

In response:

If you or your staff does not have time, there are marketing companies that already have a great understanding of brand building through social media that you can hire. Depending on the size of your business you may consider hiring an in-house social media director.

Social media in some extent is  able to be tracked. You can monitor traffic coming from social media sites to your website. That however does not give you the entire picture when it comes to  how well your social media campaign is working. Social media is not as “Instant” sales driven as other marketing channels. Social media is more about “connecting” with your market.  Done correctly the ROI is much better than most other media advertising. In addition it creates an “in-touch” feeling about your company. People will always buy from a company or person they feel more connected to, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition that is not using social media or doing it ineffectively.

I could right a book to explain social media to you. As this is just a blog post, I will explain what you need to know as a business owner

  • Social media “marketing” is a skill and you will not receive the maximized effects unless you learn how to do it
    correctly, hire a professional, or receive training for you or one of your staff.
  • Social Media is growing at an alarming rate
    • 355 million + on Facebook. Thats more than the population of the U.S.A (304 million+ as of April 2009)
    • Twitter is doubling every 90 days and by Christmas will be at 50 million users
    • 75 million videos are on Youtube
  • Much of social media is free advertising. It costs nothing to set up a Facebook Page, Youtube channel or twitter account.
  • There are some tools that you can purchase to increase your effectiveness and efficiency with social media. They range from $20 a month to upwards of $500 a month. If you consult with a social media consultant they should be able to walk you through the best tools.
  • There is definitely a right and a wrong way to do social media.
  • Your audience is on social media.
    • The highest targeted demographic 18-34 year olds spend 40% of their free time on social media sites. That even beats video games!
    • The highest growing segment of Facebook right now is 50+ ( At 355 million plus they have already captured all the other age groups)
    • Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google.
    • Users spend on average 19 minutes a day on Facebook
    • Youtube videos are watched more than the 4 largest TV networks combined.
  • Even more so than your website your social media exposes you to people around the world, not just your local area.
  • Most of your social media can be “connected”. Enabling you to expose your brand using different mediums (video, microblogging, blog,etc…) to your market.
  • Even small businesses can compete with large corporations.
  • Your message can be delivered to more eyeballs with  less of a cost than other forms of advertising.
  • You need to be entertaining  and/or informative. This does not need to be expensive.

Watch this video for Red House Furniture

Over 1 million views for a small business in a small city!

Done with some creativity social media can work for any industry. Its all about appealing to your audience.

Stay tuned to the blog and The Super Show for more info on how to use social media to market your business.

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