Internet Marketing, SEO and Your Business- The Straight Facts Pt 2

Laptop on ground next to newspaperInternet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization cover a broad range of online promotion tactics.  Some of these methods include organic search engine optimization, paid (Google Adwords) advertising, paid banner placement on various websites, email marketing, social media marketing, website analytics, website flow and website structure to name a few.  Hiring an SEO specialist who is keen and up to date on all the latest Internet Marketing information and ORGANIC placement algorithms can prove to be an invaluable investment.

Hiring a professional who can achieve organic (non paid) search engine placement will continuously bring your website traffic without costing you money for every link click.  Paid search engine placement and advertising is expected to reach around 10billion dollars this year and is growing at very fast rate.  In Canada Proctor & Gamble is cutting their traditional marketing dollars by 25% and shifting that money over to online spending and advertising.  Should this change in marketing tactics perform a return on shifted investment you can expect the same to happen in the United States next year.  Knowing Proctor & Gamble spends top dollar on Market Research I would consider this a sure thing.

Larger corporations are jumping into the game and advertising spending and advertising competition are both on the rise.  This increase in competition for keywords is pushing the Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion amounts up for everyone.

Pkease do not mistake that advertising via the internet is still very cheap compared to traditional media/marketing outlets such as magazines, newspapers, tv and radio.  However the organic side of SEO Spending is being ignored by quite a few small and LARGE companies based on this study by Conductor.

Conductor has performed some great market research on Fortune 500 companies and their websites.  They assesed a letter grade A-F (60% rating and below = failure) on each companies Natural(organic) Search Engine Visibility and Rankings for various keywords.  The results were astounding and this is why I say hiring a skilled SEO professional knowledgeable in organic rankings puts you and your business on the cutting edge when it comes to online marketing spending.  The ROI for organic rankings and website traffic knocks a monthly Google Adwords spending account/bill out of the park.

Here are the Grades for the Fortune 500 companies and their websites






In search results, natural listings comprise the majority of clicks, with some studies showing over 80% of all activity occurring in the natural space. Yet more and more money is being pumped into Google Adwords every day.  So when you are thinking about Internet Marketing and SEO think about that SEO professional who has strong organic skills before you go spending $400-$400,000 a month on Google Adwords on that other 20% of clicks.

Here are some other key takeaways from the report, I encourage all reading this post to view the data linked above as it is very rich.

The Fortune 500 as a whole had extremely limited natural search visibility for the terms in which they have the greatest investment in paid search.
Only 28% of the Fortune 500 registered any legitimate presence in natural search.

• There is an enormous opportunity for improvement in the processes, measurement methodology, and prioritization of natural search.

• There were several brands that demonstrated a commitment to natural search, and displayed a significant head start in expanding beyond paid results, but even these companies had inconsistent execution across brands.

• Only 2.87% of the domains (not companies) surveyed showed significant number of their terms in the top results. All of these positive domain scores were offset by other owned domains with significant visibility issues.

• 8 % of Fortune 500 companies studied showed mid to strong presence for their most advertised keywords

• 20% of Fortune 500 companies have low to mid presence

• 72 % of Fortune 500 companies have very low or non-existent visibility for their most advertised keywords

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