Introduction: The Concept Chronicles

Justin Brewer - Web Design & Graphic Design InternThis is the beginning…

Hello everyone!  My name is Justin Brewer and I have been chosen as the new intern at Arcimedia and Super Hero Marketing.
There are a lot of exciting things happening and I have been extremely busy with life; living and loving it! I am also a student at the College of Charleston, double majoring in Mass Communication (with a concentration in Mass Media) and Studio Art (with a concentration in Painting).  I’m constantly painting and submitting them to shows so I will be updating on here anytime I have something creative and interesting to reveal.  In addition to my school work load and internship, I also landed the privlidge of being chosen to design all the media surrounding a senior concert that musician and Musical Composition major Corey Webb will be performing in December.  I will be updating here concerning that as well.

The first sessions of the internship have just been laying down the groundwork over what exactly I will be doing during my stay as an intern.  I have been filling out paper work, obtaining appropriate software, reading material setting up accounts and passwords so I can gain access to, not only the inner recesses of the Arcimedia-verse, but also valuable resources that will help me hone the skills I already have and develope new ones.

Last meeting, I finally got to dive in when Doug (a.k.a. Captian Arcimedia) and I got to travel on site to our client Deanna Meilan’s training session and I ran around like a madman, getting physical myself, filming the entire workout.  I’m glad I’m in shape!  If you haven’t been to her website, I suggest hovering your little arrow over her name and giving it a swift double click.  She is a very accomplished personal trainer and her Beach Fit Now program will tire you out, center your zen, and give you the motivation to help you become lean and healthy.

I look forward to future adventures and the opportunity to document myself to the whole world thanks to Arcimedia and Super Hero Marketing!


Justin C. Brewer

Intern Factoid #1 :  Justin hates mayonnaise with every fiber of his being.

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