Marketing In 3D

Kid wearing 3D glassesHave you seen a 3D movie this year? Unless you are like me and only see about 2-3 movies a year, I bet you have, especially if you have kids.  Monsters vs Aliens has grossed over $375 million worldwide and Up had an opening weekend of over $62 million. What has helped these movies rise to the top of the summertime box office? The answer is having them available in 3D. Though I am sure they would have done well despite the fact that 3D was an option. The movie studios are on top of their marketing game. The advances in and decelerating cost of home theater electronics combined with the cost of taking the family to see a movie are  giving us more reasons to stay home. The studios realize this so they gave everyone an “advanced option” that is not available anywhere else.

How can your business follow the Hollywood studio’s lead? Can you add on or  enhance your product or service in a way that your competition is not? I encourage you to think outside the box when contemplating this. If your business is one that meets with clients on a one on one basis for more than 15 minutes, how about getting their car detailed while they meet with you. What about packaging a service with a product? A sports equipment store could offer swing coaches for golf or baseball. I know I would rather buy a product from someone that teaches me to better use their product.

I know what your about to throw at me, “what about the cost?”  If you give customers a better “experience” you can charge a higher cost. In addition you should know that if you are able to attract a lot more customers than cost becomes less of an issue. There are plenty of  low cost things you can do to, you just have to give it a little thought and I am sure you will have that “A-HA” moment that sends your business soaring.

Start handing out those 3D glasses because you are about to “come at” your competition like a jet-packed spider monkey wearing boxing gloves in 3D.

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