Mind, Body, And Soul:The Trifecta Of Success

Personal Development: Mind, Body, and Soul Trifecta puzzleYour mind, body, and soul are pillars of who you are. When climbing the ladder of success it is vital not to overlook any of these areas. If you educate yourself and achieve great financial success, but forgo your health, how much will you truly be able to enjoy that success? You should stay balanced as much as possible. In achieving a healthy and productive life it comes down to daily habits. In terms of your physical health what are you doing on a daily basis? Do you exercise? Do you eat fast food everyday? In strengthening your mind, do you do something educational everyday? In regards to your soul, what have you done to build your character? We admire successful people because they seem to have the total package. They are not perfect, no one is. However they had the fortitude to make conscious decisions on a daily basis to better themselves in these areas. You can do they same.

The key is to build the self discipline to stick to growing yourself. That is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Succesful people have been able to stay on course with their daily habits. There are many examples of people in our society that have focused on one area of the three and did not build on the others. Many pro athletes build their bodies to be almost superhuman. How many times have we seen in the news where they have been arrested? What about the athlete that gets hurt early in his career and can no longer compete? If they built their mind with the same passion that they built their physique, the sky is still the limit. If they neglected their education, they are left with nowhere to go. The same can be true with successful business people. They can access masses amount of wealth, only to lose it to poor health or being unethical in their business practices. So it is better to develop all three of these areas simultaneously. If you do so you will not only have great success, but lasting success. Below I will list some things you can do on a daily basis to get you started on the road to a more complete and successful you.

1. Read: I am not talking about the most recent issue of Maxim or Cosmopolitan. Read something that will inspire you or stretch your mind. It is a good idea to read early in the morning, as it will “wake up” your mind. Reading right before you go to sleep is also good because your subconscious will process the information in your sleep.
2. Exercise: Go to the gym, run, bike, or go swimming. These are all things you can do by yourself. If you have a friend or loved one that you can do these activities with that’s even better. You can hold each other accountable. Is there a group sport you like? Try organizing a weekly game in addition to your daily exercise.
3. Eat a healthy Breakfast: Some fruit or a healthy cereal would be a good start to your day.
4. Make conscious nutrition choices throughout the day: their are plenty of healthy options out there that also taste great. I myself have decided to add spinach (something I hate) to my all fruit smoothies. I do this because I know it is something my body needs and by putting it in my smoothie I can barely taste it.
5.Go out of your way to do something nice for someone else: This will do wonders for building your character. It will also be paid back to you in multitudes. (See my post on giving).
6. Chronicle your activities on a daily basis of what you did to grow in all three areas. Set goals on how you can continue to grow.
7. Find a coach or mentor: Find someone who mirrors what you want to become and see if they will be willing to help you. I must point out that successful people usually have a lot of demand for there time, so it might cost you to enlist the help of a mentor.
8. Lose the losers: stop hanging out with the go nowhere crowds. They will only drag you down to their level. Find people to hang with that are successful or are on their way to being successful. I decided to do this a while back in my own life and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
9.Stop making excuses: Champions never see an obstacle that can’t find some way to get past whether its money, time, relationships or whatever. Stop procrastinating and take action!

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