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body-wash-two-in-one-small-26640Most every business wants to be remarkable. Why is it then that so many businesses are not remarkable. They seem to be doing a lot of the same uninteresting things especially when it comes to marketing. Many business owners or managers have a hard time getting out of the – It’s what we have always done mentality.  This is especially true of established businesses that have seen success doing what they have always done. Because being remarkable often relies on out of the box thinking, adopting a marketing strategy that leans in that direction is  often seen as risky. I bet you can think of two or three recent things that you have seen companies do as far as marketing that you have remembered and told some one about.

There are marketing campaigns that are thought of as remarkable because they got talked about but really required very little effort. Beer companies, large web hosting companies (you know who I am talking about) and musicians (If you actually qualify Miley Cyrus as a musician), go for the cop out of sex sells. Although they usually draw a lot of attention they often turn off a portion of the market they could have otherwise captured. True that may not be their target market as they are likely targeting a more immature audience and they will still make money from that audience. The point I am making is to be remarkable you do not have to go the route of sex and/or offensive humor. Take Kmart’s recent campaign – I shipped my pants. I admit I chuckled the first time I saw it. However I did not make me want to shop at Kmart anymore than I did before.

The truly remarkable marketing campaigns are ones like the Old Spice ads that are truly ridiculous without being distasteful. They have a few that after I had seen I wanted to ask others if they have seen it and share a laugh. Prior to these marketing campaigns I had always thought of Old Spice as the cologne and deodorant products for  guys over 45.  I now saw them as being cool and creative and was generally interested in trying their product. I did just that I am now a loyalist to Old Spice’s line of body wash products. Old Spice strived to be remarkable and for their effort was able to redefine their brand and grow their business in demographics that had once thought of them as a brand for old men. The Old Spice campaign coincided with new products and packaging. In contrast in my opinion Kmart’s campaign although humorous at first seemed desperate and they did not seem to take any real steps to changing the perception of their company. There was no new branding of the stores and going in the store did not feel any different from 10 years before (Which while probably not exact was close to the last time I was in a Kmart) .

I bring these two cases to point to say that just being funny in one ad campaign does not make your company truly remarkable. To truly be remarkable it has to permeate through everything your company does.

Ask yourself and then your team the following questions.

  • What can we do in our marketing that will be remarkable?
  • How can we make our in store/office visits remarkable?
  • How can we make our products more remarkable?
  • How can we make our customer service remarkable?
  • What other things can we do to be remarkable?

If you keep the idea of being remarkable in the forefront of all facets of your business not just your marketing  you will undoubtably start to see some amazing results.

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