Search Engine Optimizing Videos For Local Search

Local SEO for videoShowing up in Local Search Rankings is pivotal for small businesses. One way to improve your rankings is using video. Google likes to give different media options in search results when possible. You can find some content ideas for your videos here and a how to shoot video for the web tutorial here.

Now let’s  cover how to get those nicely shot videos ranked locally in Google.  To make it easier to follow I will once again us the wine store example from the earlier post.

First thing is to give your video a title that will carry some weight for local search. In the wine store example a great title would be – MT. Pleasant Wine Tasting with (Name Of Guest) or if they would like to rank for Charleston they could substitute Charleston in place of Mount Pleasant. If the guest is a local Chef or wine rep from a local distributor – putting the name of the wine distributor or restaurant where the Chef is from would be beneficial as well. When someone searches for the restaurant, chef, or wine distribution company it is highly likely that your video will appear in the search results.

So here is our final title – MT. Pleasant Wine Tasting with Chef  Langley of  The Green Vine.

You will then want to upload the video to YouTube and in the basic info area write the title, a good description with proper keywords and in the tags section put your keywords.

In this example the description for this video would be –

At Acme wine shop in MT. Pleasant, SC on Friday May 18th will be tasting Acme Pinot Noir, Acme Chardonnay, and Acme Zinfindal with Chef Langley from The Green Vine. Chef Langley will discuss food pairings and (insert wine store owner) will cover the winery and details about the wine.

In the tags section would be the following keywords. You should shoot for ten really good keywords.

Wine tasting Mt Pleasant, Acme Wine Store, Mt Pleasant,  Charleston, The Green Vine, Chef Langley, Chef Bill Langley, Charleston Wine Tasting, MT Pleasant Wine Store, Wine Tasting Video.

In the advanced section of YouTube you can put the location where the video was recorded. Make Sure you do this.

Now that your video is online – Let’s get it on other places. The next place your video should go is on your Google Places page followed by any high-ranking local directories that allow videos. That is a good start.

Next using a tool such as Oneload or Traffic Geyser – you can distribute your video to many video hosting destinations at once.

Now you are well on your way.

Below is How to Further Optimize Your Video Marketing Efforts.

Don’t stop – Continue making videos. They are often easier than writing blog posts once you get the hang of it. Try creating a series that you can do on a monthly or even weekly basis, maybe even daily. The more videos you do the more likely that they are to show up in search results and they will be seen on the video hosting sites and could build a following of potential customers.

Test and Research – Research your competition. If any are producing videos, what types of videos are they doing? What types seem to be successful based on where they show in search results and the number of views?  Test different content styles in your videos and see what gets the best result.

Keyword Research – Use tools like Wordtracker and Google AdWords Keyword tool to research keyword. In a short time you will be able to tag your videos with the best possible keywords.  Try to add longer keyword phrases with a moderate search volume. You will be able to rank for these terms easier than going after more general terms.

Calls to action – Include annotations and links in your videos to send people to your landing pages or where they can find more information. Also tell the viewer what they should do next in the video – such as someone in the video saying – “Don’t forget to like us on Facebook” as the Facebook page url appears. Even if not directly selling from your video you can build your audience in other places and put them in your marketing/sales funnel.

Share and encourage to share – Publish the video to your companies Facebook page and put a link in your twitter feed.  Do not put copy in the twitter or Facebook post that is comes off like spam or a pushy salesperson. In an annotation, text overlay, or using someones voice in the video encourage others to share the video if they liked it.

Point back to YouTube – In blog posts, newsletters , social media, your website, or wherever seems appropriate link to your video on YouTube. If you are producing multiple videos ( you should be ) ask people to subscribe.

Well that covers that.  We have one last thing to cover regarding videos – how to produce high quality videos on a tight budget. That we will cover in the next blog post.

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