Why we don’t sell “web design”.

SuperHero Marketing is not a web design company and we do not sell web design. What we are is  a web solutions company. Yes designing websites is something we do and we take pride in creating great websites for our clients. Our primary goal is to provide you with online strategies and tools to assist you in accomplishing your business objectives.   A website is just one component of a successful web strategy. Having a website for your business is very important as it has become the primary way most consumers seek out businesses. However, business owners should not go into the process of  getting a website or revamping an existing website without first answering the following question

What business goals do I want my website to help me accomplish?

That is where the Heroes of SuperHero marketing come in.  We can help align your web strategy with your business goals. We want to get to know you and your business so that we can create a proper blueprint for launching , relaunching or redirecting your businesses web presence.  Let me take you through a scenario to better explain what we do.

Let’s say John owns a ACME plumbing company and is  looking to get a website. He thinks he needs one because most of his competitors have one and he  looks for businesses via Google. He assumes that if he gets a website than he  will be listed on Google and his business will increase. His plumbing company’s profits have declined over the last few years and he knows he needs to do something. John starts his search for a solution where else but online.

This is what he finds

  • 1. Acme templates–  He can get a  template that can get “close” to his company’s branding. He can list his services, slap his logo and maybe a picture on it and be off and running. John thinks to himself  that this does not really seem like a solution.His concerns:

He takes pride in his business and brand and close enough has never been good enough in the past.

He does not want to appear as a business that would just “slap something up”. After all he has been in business for fifteen years with a great reputation and he does not just slap things up for his customers.

He wants a professional appearance that better represents his company.

  • 2.  Acme web design– They have a lot of “pretty” websites on their portfolio page. They can build a “custom website” for his business but they mention nothing about actually helping him understand what the web site should do or what to do once the website is launched.His Concerns:

He wants more than a website. He wants a tool for his business not just a big AD thrown up online.

He wants to know how his website can help him grow his business.

This company seems to know a lot about design but little about marketing or helping his business succeed.


  • 3.  SuperHero Marketing – Eureka! SuperHero Marketing’s  primary mission is helping his business succeed.


What he likes:

Superhero Marketing is concerned about my business objectives not just selling me a website.

Not one size fits all.

Provide more than just a website – they help devise a plan to make his business successful online.

They will explain and consult with him on a multitude of things such as video, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, blogging, sales copy, etc..

They provide measurements so that he knows how well his online campaigns are doing.

John decides he needs more than a website he needs a team of  Heroes.

If you are interested in web solutions for your business give us a call at 843-606-0336.



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