SEO vs Google: Hiring the right SEO expert

Magnifying glass hovering over google , yahoo, and other search engine pagesEverybody loves Google. Except a lot of people in the SEO Industry. Just when you think one tactic works, Google up and changes their algorithim. Google has very good intentions, they want the most relevant results to show up for the average user searching based on particular keywords. But like it or not we live in a capitalist society, and he who works the hardest or pays for a  service to get there site higher in the rankings should be rewarded with just what he worked for or paid for. Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating using unethical tactics to achieve the goal of search engine relevance.

I am talking about filling your site with good content and being mindful of search engines as you build your site and fill it with content. A good article that elaborates on this is The Art Of SEO by Jill Whalen. A good SEO expert in most cases is worth the fees that they charge. They work that they do requires a lot of time and knowledge. In addition they have to keep themselves updated with the latest information. What worked well yesterday in SEO may not work as well today. Especially in the case of Google. A good SEO specialist should let you know up front about the measures they will go through in optimizing your site. The last thing you want is for someone to use “SEO tricks” to get your site higher in the search engine rankings. The tricks I am reffering to are things like hiding keyword text so that the user cannot see it but the search engine spiders can. That trick and many others were used in the past and google has gotten wise every time.

You want an SEO expert that will use only fundamental proven search engine strategies.  The last thing you want is for google to blacklist your site. Then the hopes of ever getting your site found in the near future are slim. What worries me about Google is this: They are very secretive about there ever changing algorithim. This makes the job of an SEO specialist very diffucult because even if they are  using ethical means of optimizing a website. How do you know where the line is between well strategized content and keyword stuffing? How many keywords in a page are too many? That is why a good knowledgeable SEO expert is worth a lot to your business. They may not know the exact answer to those questions but, they will make sure to not go to close to those grey areas and still help your site reach its potential. One final note, all search engines do not use the same algorithim to determine your sites pagerank. For instance it is very possible to be on page one of Yahoo for a particular keyword and not be in the top 100 on Google. So although, Google is the most important your SEO specialist should also be helping you with at least Yahoo and MSN.

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  1. Adam Moore says:

    You are right on with this post, Google can be the thorn in my side some days

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