Entrepreneur Spotlight: Barry Chandler – The Bar Blogger

Barry Chandler - The Bar Blogger

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Barry Chandler

Founder of Interactive Hospitality

Interactive Hospitality is an online marketing agency for bars, restaurants and hotels. Barry started working with bars and restaurants in 2004 when he founded Barkeeper.ie, an online management toolkit used by more than 800 Irish businesses to help manage their hospitality... Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Trey Pennington Part 3

Trey Pennington

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Trey Pennington

Marketing pro, speaker, author, and dreamer.

This is Part Three of our interview with Trey Pennington. Trey is a well respected professional marketer who travels the world speaking on social media and the power of storytelling. If you... Read more »

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Trey Pennington Part 1

Trey Pennington

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Trey Pennington

Marketing pro, speaker, author, and dreamer.

Trey Pennington is a marketing pro, business connector, and storyteller for business who’s passion is helping business owners uncover their hidden treasures and put them to work. He uses social media to connect... Read more »

Top 3 Internet Marketing Myths Debunked

Pegasus - Mythical Flying HorseIn the web design and internet marketing business, we consistently answer the same customer questions about hiring our firm. Some are the result of "myths," some are the mother of invention. Either way, there are a lot of small business owners in need of web development, internet marketing or sometimes, just revisions to what they already have. Sometimes, they come to us right from the get-go. Sometimes, they try to do it themselves. And sometimes, they are just seeking information to make an informed decision. But the common questions we encounter are: "There are lots of templates on the internet, can't I just pick one I like... Read more »

Why Most Small Businesses Fail at Twitter

Small business failure on TwitterWhat’s that saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” Well, just like any marketing strategy, social media needs planning. You cannot just jump on Twitter or Facebook and expect to make sales or generate a lead database without some planning. The fact is, most small businesses fail at Facebook and Twitter because they fail to plan strategies that convert followers and fans to leads and customers. However, when implemented properly, a customized Facebook fan page and a Twitter account can directly increase your ability to collect and message leads and boost sales. Take Papa John’s Facebook Page: it is responsible... Read more »

Show me the Value – Hunting for ROI in the Social Media Maze

social-media-maze with youtube, flickr, linkedin, facebook, and twitter logosValue is a relative term - right? What means something to me might not mean the same for you. But, we all understand that when we spend time or money to achieve a goal or solve a problem, we want to see some progress to that end. In order to realize value from time spent engaging in social media, you have to be clear on why you are "engaging" in the first place. You need to know what you want from social media - are you looking for customers, clients, franchise prospects, channel partners or collaborators, newsletter... Read more »