A good workout is the best way to start your day

Does it take you an extended period of time to “get up” in the morning? Wait a minute, I know what your thinking this is not an advertisement for Viagra. The first thing you should do even before grabbing that first cup of java, is workout. Yes this does mean you will have to wake […] Read more »

Blink: An excellent book about human judgement

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is one of the best books that I have read in recent months. Malcolm Gladwell does a great job of explaining how our mind is able to break down situations in the blink of an eye. He sites several examples of times where rapid cognition was used effectively and also brings […] Read more »

Mind, Body, And Soul:The Trifecta Of Success

Your mind, body, and soul are pillars of who you are. When climbing the ladder of success it is vital not to overlook any of these areas. If you educate yourself and achieve great financial success, but forgo your health, how much will you truly be able to enjoy that success? You should stay balanced […] Read more »