Teamwork Divides the Task and Doubles the SUCCESS.

young adults standing in front of a buildingHow many times, as a small business owner, have you had to do something you had no idea of how to accomplish? When you’re working to find out how to accomplish these tasks instead of actually completing them you are, in fact, wasting time. Granted, you are learning something new, albeit at  a frustrating pace and still have not finished the task you set out on. This is why building your team is crucial.

Team building as an entrepreneur is sometimes tricky. You usually have a lot of needs and not enough cash flow. This is why working with other entrepreneurs is so important. Using each other as a resource can be your most valuable resource! For example, let’s say there is a GREAT web design company who is overloaded with great ideas but lacks the organization to make them happen. Then there is a terribly organized entrepreneurial minded woman who needs direction in her business creation. A Perfect Match!! The design company uses her organizational skills to implement more of their great ideas and she uses their great ideas to create her business. The key is meeting the right people. Once again I say: Network!

As an entrepreneur there is a lot to be said for self education and doing things for yourself. If your PR skills are awesome–Go for it! If your advertising skills are amazing–Go for it!! If you can design and create your own branding–Go for it!! If you are experienced in accounting–Hit the books! If you are lacking the necessary skills in any of these areas, I highly recommend  seeking professional help. This is a very sensitive area for business owners, because in a way you are letting a piece of yourself go by trusting someone else to market your business or handle your book keeping.  No one knows your business like you do, no one loves your business like you do but if you do not have back ground in marketing, accounting, PR, or advertising, I do not recommending taking on these tasks alone. This is an easy area of your business to loose money in. A marketing professional can better direct you for your best marketing investment. A professional accountant can make sure you have all your ducks in a row and don’t have to deal with Uncle Sam face to face in IRS court. Seriously, are you an entrepreneur who can afford to waste money??paper money people

There are three basic things you need when building your team 1) Build a cultural interdependence (see above example). 2) Get your people to think and act like owners. When entrepreneurs work together each is an owner of their business but by being such an awesome resource for each other, a vested interest in each other’s business is created. 3) Focus on each person’s value to the organization, know each team members strengths and allow them to do what they’re good at.

Building a great team is the start of building a successful business. For a great CPA (in South Carolina), check out Nason Way Accounting and of course for marketing assistance I’m partial to Arcimedia’s SuperHero  Marketing.

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  1. Building a team is a lot different than just hiring employees.

    Glad to be a part of the team!

  2. mistymays says:

    People are born to be entrepreneur's it takes hard work and a lot of hours, It's bascially a mindset. Great post!

  3. mistymays says:

    People are born to be entrepreneur's it takes hard work and a lot of hours, It's bascially a mindset. Great post!

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