Throw out your office and get on the cloud!

Stop! Put down your desk chair and step away from the dumpster. I am not starting a cult and making you think you can walk on clouds. I am not talking about your office fixtures. I am not trying to sell you more cushy office furniture. That would be a great headline if I was though. I am talking about software, in particularly Microsoft Office or any office software that has to be installed on your computer. There is an alternative and its only $184.00 dollars. Wait if you act now I will give it to you for Free. This offer is only valid until forever so Act Now!!! No but seriously, the answer to your office software needs are the free resources online.

Google Apps also has a complete set of business communication utilities, also including email, word processing and spreadsheets. But with Google’s software as a service (SaaS) applications a user can write a document then invite others to view and edit the document, in real-time, all within a browser and accessible from anywhere on the Web, at any time.

Working in the cloud lets users access any number of utilities and applications, collaborate instantly, store files and manage infrastructure, without a single server on site. But cloud computing does so much more.

If you do not have a Google account, go get one. You will use it for more than the office applications, trust me. All of Goggles office apps are free. They may not have all of the functionality of Microsoft Office software, however the resources such as online document sharing and having everything tied into one hub online and easily accessible in an instant is invaluable.

Here is a list of what Google Docs offers

  • Spreadsheets: Consider this like a simplified version of Excel.
  • Documents: A lot like Microsoft Word.
  • Presentation: Google’s version of PowerPoint.
  • Forms: Instantly create forms that you can share and publish on websites in minutes. These forms populate to your Google spreadsheet.

In addition to the applications listed above Google is constantly expanding its services and through your Google Account you can visit Google Labs were you can test all of their beta apps. There are also many third party developers that offer Apps that integrate with Google’s applications. You can also integrate many of your social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter with your Gmail account.

Another company that offers web based applications is Zoho. Not all of their applications are free. They do offer a few applications that Google does not as of yet.

Here Is a list of Zoho’s Applications

Productivity & Collaboration Business Apps
Zoho Mail Zoho CRM 3 Users Free
Web-based Email Service On-Demand CRM Solution
Zoho Writer Zoho Projects 1 Project Free
Online Word Processor Project Management Software
Zoho Sheet Zoho Creator 5 Users Free
Spreadsheets. Online
Online Database Software
Zoho Show Zoho Invoice 5 Invoices Free
Online Presentation Tool
Online Invoicing. Quick and Easy
Zoho Docs Zoho Meeting One on One Free
Online Document Management
Web Conferencing, Remote Support
Zoho Notebook Zoho DB & Reports
Online Note Taker Online Reporting & BI Service
Zoho Wiki Zoho People 10 Users Free
Easy to use, full-featured Wiki
HRIS & Applicant Tracking System
Zoho Share Zoho Business 10 Users Free
Centralized Public Repository Online Business Solutions
Zoho Planner Zoho Marketplace
Online Organizer Apps for your Business needs
Zoho Chat
Make Group Decisions Faster
Site 24×7
Website Monitoring Service
Zoho Polls
Online Polls in a snap
Zoho Viewer
View and Share Documents Online
Zoho Challenge
Easiest Way to Evaluate Candidates

Higher Productivity and Convenience

Every small business owner knows that a key to success is squeezing the most out of what you have. And that means always seeking higher productivity. This is where cloud computing can make a big impact.

Through a Web browser and a system like Google Docs or Zoho’s applications, many different people can be working on the same project simultaneously. Documents can be viewed, edited, shared and stored all within the cloud. There’s no need to save and attach a file, and you can be sure that all parties involved are working on the most up-to date version of a project. And because everything is hosted in the cloud, it’s accessible anywhere, at any time.

Leave your office and step out on the cloud!

Note: Microsoft does offer online versions of there office software. However I do not believe they measure up to the companies that are discussed in this post.

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  1. Time59 ( is a “cloud-based” Time and Billing application. It’s targeted at solo professionals and provides time and expense tracking and accounts receivable functionality in addition to online invoicing. Bottom line: If you are a solo professional and bill by the hour it is definitely worth a look. The first 30 days are free.

  2. Charity AD says:

    You really got my attention! Grea intro and explanation of cloud based systems…I’m thinking about changing.

  3. Deanna says:

    This is a great idea! I have just started my own company and I would love to use anything that is FREE. Especially if it’s the same as or better than my current products.
    Chris- That time and Billing thing sounds like a great idea for my bookkeeping services that I do part-time.

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