What’s your puppy?

puppy holding stuffed a animalI know you are wondering about the headline to this post and so you start reading this entry hoping to make sense out of it. Just like that I have got your attention. If that didn’t do it the picture with the post did. Do you have a puppy? What I mean by that is what do you use to entice your audience to read or engage with your content? Have you ever walked by a puppy and not had the urge to go up and pet it? Your marketing and public relations materials can have the same effect as that cute puppy if you are creative and think about what truly interests your market. I am ashamed to admit this but, I find myself compelled to read the cover of the super market tabloids while standing in line at the grocery store. Why? Because they have either pictures or headlines that pull me in. I will not pick one up and read it because ultimately I do not care what is happening with Brad and Angelina however, I am not like most of America that seems to eat up celebrity gossip. They are doing a wonderful job of pulling in their target market. By the way, did you know that Michael Jackson was Brought Back from the Dead!

Please do not go to the lengths of the tabloids and lie and defame others to sell your product or service. That is not what I am getting at. Just work on having enticing headlines and  imagery. Find creative and compelling ways to attract your target market. For the most part people are attracted to any of the following

  • Anything cute – see pic of puppy for reference
  • Attractive people – you do not have to go to the far end of the dial with sex. It does work but does not fit all business images.  Attractive fully clothed individuals on the other hand are appropriate for all business types outside of the porn industry.
  • Humor- who doesn’t love to laugh?
  • Innovation – Most people tend to go Ga-Ga over new technology or ideas. This is my favorite as it means the creativity actually preceded the marketing and the product or service almost sells itself. The Iphone was a great example of this, although their marketing was also very good.

So start incorporating more puppies in your marketing.

A good book to get you started Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich: Create Winning Ads, Web Pages, Sales Letters and More

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  1. Cat says:

    Cute little post (and super cute little puppy!). My puppy is my breasts — jk! 🙂

  2. Yelena says:

    I'm going to add to your puppy list:

    Create anxiety (i.e. “Is Your House Making You Fat?”)
    Offer immediate free solutions to problems (i.e. “5 Steps You Can Take Today to Grow Your List”)
    Be controversial (i.e. “Does Content Really Matter All That Much?)

  3. Thanks Yelena! I love it when someone adds great content!

  4. Thanks Yelena! I love it when someone adds great content!

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