Why keeping a journal is important to your success.

Man sitting on mountain writing in a journalI have decided to add a new twist to Super Hero Marketing. I am adding a personal journal category.  Below I list the reasons why I am doing this so that you may see the value in keeping a journal as well.  They are not in any order of importance.

  • A journal  helps you keep track of your life. Let’s face it we are not Elephants, we do forget or push some memories to the back of our minds. There may come a time when you want to tell a story from your life – especially if you do any type of public speaking.  A comedian for instance would be able to recall and exaggerate  so much more from his life if he wrote a daily journal.
  • All those great ideas you have – now you have a place to put them so they don’t get lost. This will allow you to be able to further evaluate those ideas as well and see if they fit into your life plan. Who knows, what you thought was a great idea when you first had it turns out to be not so great once you put it on paper or type it out. Also evaluating your ideas gives you an opportunity to expand on the idea as well as make a plan to put it in action. Some of the most successful people of all time kept journals – Benjamin Franklin, Da Vinci, and Thomas Edison.
  • Do you ever fail? I hope so, if you are not that means you are probably not stepping outside your comfort zone. If you are consistently stepping outside your comfort zone you are growing. A journal helps you keep track of that growth. If you fail or stumble at something you are trying to accomplish you now have a record. Just like those great ideas, you can evaluate your failures and get a different result from your next attempt.
  • If you have a blog (or write anything)  it helps keep you writing consistently. How many times have you not written a blog post because you did not know what to write about that day? It happens to all of us and is probably the biggest reason for dormant blogs. We think just because we pick something to blog about that we are knowledgeable and/or passionate about we will never get writer’s block.  I do not always have something fresh in mind to blog about that is related to my industry. I may wanna write about how messed up or great my day was.
  • Social media is a part of most of our lives now. We are making friends and contacts now that would have been impossible to make 10 years ago. If you keep a journal it allows your social media friends to find out a little more about you, your personality quirks, your triumphs, and your struggles. We all want more authentic connections and the more we feel we know someone the more authentic that connection becomes.  Your life is a story – how good that story is depends on the type of life you choose to lead. Everyone loves a good story and if you have a public journal that may prompt you to really start living,  so that your story is amazing. I myself am a self-proclaimed workaholic ( It seems to go hand in hand with being passionate about what you do) , so I do not have a lot of  ” adventures” to blog about. Just writing this has made me reflect on that fact, I need a little less work and some more adventure in my life. Some of the best blogs I have read have been adventure blogs.  Everything Everywhere is a good example of one of these blogs.  I have a 101 goals poster (maybe i will post it in my next journal entry)  that I made a couple of years ago – many  have been accomplished already- that has a list of all the places I want to visit. I plan on knocking out at least one of those destinations this year. Now I am rambling and sort of off topic. Yet another advantage of a personal journal – consider it free flow writing. It is up to you how  structured you want it to be – you are in a sense just jotting down your thoughts. A journal does not always have to be written or typed text, it could be photos or in the case of an online journal – it could be video.

You do not have to publish all or any of the personal journal posts you write. If you are a blogger, I suggest blogging daily either a journal post or a post directly related to the main concept of your blog. Publish only the personal journal entries you feel may also benefit your readers, they may also be experiencing some of the same things you are. So it’s funny that my first journal entry is not really a personal entry but more of a declaration that I am now keeping a journal and prompting you to do the same.

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